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  1. I have been feeling like starting a gritty modern/supernatural/fantasy plot. I know that vampires/werewolves/ghosts/etc. are a little common, but I absolutely love stories that involve these creatures and are set in a modern setting. The feeling I have in mind is something gritty, dark, and filled with twists and turns and high emotional stakes. I have a specific character in mind and certain thoughts and feelings that go towards each supernatural creature. I feel that these creatures are, at heart, monsters and should be feared or handled with care. There are more frightening than beautiful, melancholy, or sensitive. That isn't to say that they can't be those things, but they have a different range of issues to take care of in their lives.

    I have also been kicking around a few other ideas lately. One involves a circus that contains acts that are more real than illusion and the circus needs these illusions to keep on going.

    Another idea involves a mute violinist who doesn't realize that she has the ability to charm people's emotions through her music. (This is one of my longest surviving characters and she is a great deal of fun to work with. Can be in ANY era.)

    In another scenario we can work with retold fairy tales and curses/prophecies. I absolutely love this element to stories and find that it can go anywhere.

    I'd also be VERY interested in a plot involving mythology (especially Hades and Persephone).

    If that those don't tickle your fancy, I am up to discussion for plots. I LOVE plot creating and character creating. If you have an idea and think we might be a good fit, please let me know. I am NOT limited to these stories and would love to hear any ideas that you might have or any interests that fit you.

    I can post via e-mail or a private message on this site. Either way works for me. My posts are usually 3+ paragraphs each time and I like the similar in return as it helps keep the creativity flowing.

    Message/comment/e-mail me. fireofflowingwater@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from someone!
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