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  1. Hi!

    I'm looking for a guy to RP with, any age really. 13-18 preferred, but anyone can RP with me.

    My Genres

    RP's Must Have:
    - Action
    - Romance
    - A Great Plot
    - Must NOT be centred on sex, but needs a bit of sexual themes.
    ((I will go as close as undressing but after that, we skip until after))

    - I prefer Female X Male but I am open to FxF. ((Sorry, I don't do MxM))
    - I prefer to play female, so you can either be male or female.
    - Most of my characters act tough, but are usually submissive or whatever

    RP Muses We Can RP As
    ((Your Muse on right, mine on left))

    Kidnapper X Kidnappee
    Assassin X Assassin's Target
    Assassin X Assassin
    Vampire X Human
    Vampire X Vampire
    Superhero X Thief
    Spy X Target
    Spy X Spy
    Thief X Girl

    Message Me or Reply on THIS THREAD If You want to RP anything above or have an idea!
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  2. I'm not a male but I roleplay as them a lot. If that counts then I'm willing to be your partner!
  3. Of course it counts! What kind of RP would you like?
  4. I'm really up for anything.Though if we are going to discuss something, perhaps it would be better in conversation.
  5. Sure, I'll message you.
  6. Hi :) id love to rp with you, i reply fast and i play either a male or female character. I like modern-ish rps and im open to texting and gmail hangouts or skype xD i need a partner desperately >.<
  7. Sure thing! I'll send you my Skype over a conversation
  8. I have pretty good plots for Spy v Spy or Vamp/Human, if you're still interested.
  9. I'd love to here your ideas! Send them over a conversation!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.