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  1. Hello! So this is my first request thread I've made here.. so bare with me please! I'm also really thrilled to get going so it may have some factor in this as well! Alright, let's get this going, shall we?

    ::About Me::

    My name is Heavenly [yes it's a combination of my first name and middle name put together], seriously. I'm twenty-one years old and I like more mature themed RP's. Now, I'm not talking getting it on in every single post, I'd like there to be a story as well, but I do like some sexual themes throughout it. I am a female so I typically prefer playing the female, I'm just no good at males. I'm a pretty easy person to get along with and I'm understanding, so I'll get if you'll have to go away for awhile for personal matters, but please let me know? Don't get me wrong if you piss me off I'll let you know, like if you control my character or something. But I'm actually pretty sweet!! :D

    ::Rules & Requirements::
    • Be over 18, obviously due to mature themes.
    • Be able to play the male role, that being said I don't mind doubling, either.
    • Throw ideas out there. If you've got something to add, let me know. We'll work on developing something together! That's what a partnership is all about, right?
    • You're not invincible, so there won't be no Mary or Gary-sues here, alright?
    • I love, love, love romance! Like the Hallmark romances! But I don't want the RP to be based strictly on that.
    • I understand RL, so if you're going to disappear for a few days at least let me know so I'm not waiting and waiting, than I'll start to thinking you lost interest and I'll be very sad. :'(
    • I like to converse with my partner out of the RP, so if you don't like talking than move on, because I like meeting new people and making friends! I'm a friendly person! :D
    • Stay with me on this, I'm still new and getting use to the format on this site.
    • Most importantly, have fun! That's what we are here for, right?


    I'm a sucker for fandoms, I love doing them. Typically I like doing Canon x OC pairings, just my preference. But I will do OC x OC in the world of the fandom.

    The Walking Dead - italics would be who I'd like to play. I'm only on season 4 catching up.
    • Rick x OC [I have a slither of an idea!]
    • Daryl x OC [I have a slither of an idea!]
    • Daryl x Beth
    • Glenn x Maggie
    • Glenn x OC [I have a slither of an idea!]
    • OC x Maggie
    • Daryl x Maggie
    • Glenn x Beth
    • OC x OC [I have a slither of an idea!]

    The Vampire Diaries - italics would be who I'd like to play. Haven't seen much of the new season, yet.
    • Damon x OC
    • Stefan x OC
    • Damon x Elena
    • Stefan x Elena
    • Stefan x Caroline
    • OC x Elena
    • OC x OC

    The Originals - italics would be who I'd like to play. Only seen season 1, catching up on season 2.
    • Klaus x OC
    • Elijah x OC
    • Marcel x OC
    • Klaus x Hayley
    • Klaus x Cammie
    • Elijah x Hayley
    • Marcel x Cammie
    • OC x Hayley
    • OC x OC

    Arrow - italics would be who I'd like to play. Catching up on it also, halfway through season 2.
    • Oliver x OC
    • Diggle x OC
    • OC x Felicity
    • Oliver x Felicity
    • OC x Thea
    • Roy x Thea
    • OC x OC

    The Avengers:
    • Tony Stark x OC
    • Captain America x OC
    • Thor x OC

    Other Fandoms
    • Twist on Fairy Tales
    • Twist on Disney Movies
    • Plots Based on Songs
    • Fifty Shades of Grey


    Vampire x Human
    x Hunter
    x Vampire
    x Witch
    x Werewolf
    x Other

    Werewolf x Human
    x Hunter
    x Vampire
    x Witch
    x Werewolf
    x Other

    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Detective x Criminal

    Lawyer x Persecuted
    Best Friend x Best Friend

    Best Friend x Pregnant Best Friend

    I'm also open for suggestions, so if there is anything here you aren't interested in, give me some suggestions!
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  2. Oh gosh, I have two other Beth/Daryl roleplays but I crave it constantly. I would also love to do Rick/Beth! That's another one I've been dying to try out (I would play Rick or Daryl for your Beth, of course.)
  3. I messaged you, Sansa!
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  4. Bump!

    New updates!

    The Avengers:

    Thor x OC
    Captain America x OC
    Iron Man x OC
  5. I have a good plot on a werewolf x human.
  6. Awesome! Just PM it to me!
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