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  1. Welcome~
    My name is Shadow~
    But straight to the point we go~

    What I'm looking for in a partner:


    ~The ability to add twists and their own touch to the roleplay~

    ~Posting length going from one liners up to multiple small paragraphs, but honestly I don't mind I mend my style of roleplay depending on the person I roleplay with~

    ~Diversity in characters. You see a lot of the times I roleplay with people they give every character they have the same personality I like a wide range of diverse people~

    ~I typically enjoy some one who really enjoys the dark twisted sides of roleplay~

    Pairings :whiteknight:= My preferred character:
    :blackknight:Royal Vampire:whiteknight:His brother's blood slave
    :blackknight:Lycan(Werewolf&Vampire Hybrid):whiteknight:Vampire
    :blackknight:Psychopathic Killer:whiteknight:Teenage girl
    :blackknight:New Mental Asylum patient:whiteknight:Asylum nurse
    :blackknight:Apocalyptic Rebel:whiteknight:General's daughter
    :blackknight:Scientist:whiteknight:Alien girl
    :blackknight:Enemy Soldier:whiteknight:Captured Soldier
    :blackknight:Genetically engineered super soldier:whiteknight:His other half, the fragile piece of him
    :blackknight:Half Demon/Half Human:whiteknight:Half Angel/Half Human
    :blackknight:Rejected and heavily bullied teen:whiteknight:Female Wicca user

    v I don't mind this one but alot of people dislike it v

    Anything else you need to know should be in the information tab on my profile ^-^ thank you for your time.
  2. hello there.
    i'm interested in the royal vampire x brother's blood slave pairing and or the prince x commoner and mental asylum patient x asylum nurse
    do pm me if you are interested.
  3. I'm interested in the half human/half demon x half human/half angel, brother x sister, and the scientist and alien girl rps
  4. I be interested
  5. Just message me with your favorite pairings ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.