Looking for Male for Sonic The Hedgehog Roleplay

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  1. Hey guys! I am looking to do some short stories with some Sonic The Hedgehog fans! Now if your a fan and don't want to play as the legendary blue hero himself that's completely fine!!

    Plot: Hundreds of years ago a legendary magical creature awoken from her slumber to make the world before the city of möbius was born...but someone plans to try and destroy the creature, sending the land into oblivion!
    Sensing this impending doom, the priestesses made two weapons! The gloves of strength which when praying to the gods emits a magical glow that gives the wielder the strength to destroy any evil.
    Then there is the shield of justice! Where as the chant of the creature is spoken the shield can protect its wielder!
    Together, the two can create multiple attacks that makes even the most terrifying monsters cringe from hearing the sound.
    As the two figure out their own powers they fight monsters as they try to figure out who the other wielder of the weapon is.
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