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  1. Hiya!
    i had a idea for a Fantasy Rp and i am looking for a Male who's 18+ who's willing to play more then one character.
    not like 10 or anything, maby 2 or at most 3 and they have to have different personalities.
    this is mostly because it opens up more opportunity, try different character personality and roles. if you kill your charter off fill his place. ( we can disgust this together later.)
    so i will quickly summarize my intro of the story

    In the kingdom of Alumar, i work as a in-tell broker, but i don't get paid much so i am also a thief. one day i am taken in by guards sure enough i am going to be killed, this time the king hands me a deal.
    if i help save his daughter he will spare my life. of course i agree but he throws in a curve ball.
    after i agree he then tells me i have to work with a partner,i reluctantly accept and wait for him to arrive.
    ( your character would pick up from there)

    at the beginning we will hate each other and always fight and argue with one, another but forced to work together we will eventually start to slowly get along, or open up to one another.

    this is a basic summery if your interested, PM me or Comment here
    thank you for taking your time to read this
    and have a good day/night
  2. I would be interested in roleplaying this with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.