Looking for male demon for romance/ action roleplay!

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  1. I have this idea where people are bound to demons and use them to fight to gain power and status. My character is a poor female street urchin that accidentally gets bound to a very strong demon. She decides to enter him into the weekly tournaments to try to get some money to eat that week. And he kills it. Literally, he dominates the field and wins first place. Excited to finally be able to live without having to steal something, my character decides to continue to enter him into battles. She knows that demons feed off unusual things, like gold or blood, and so she asks what her demon feeds on, and is surprised and caught off guard when he says physical (aka sexual) contact. She is not exactly super happy about the idea about needing to constantly sleep with her demon to keep him strong, but it’s something she is willing to do to move up in status. Their relationship grows and soon what was a business relationship become something more. A romantic relationship between demons and their masters is forbidden and the costs of high status is tempting. How will this relationship develop? We shall see....

    So here are somethings I have developed about the plot: (Will continue to grow as I think about it or someone picks it up)
    1) Humans can only be bound to one demon at a time. The only way to bind to another is to kill the current demon under binding.
    2) A demon can die and the human will survive, but if the human were to die, the demon would die as well.
    3) When the contract is made, a symbol is burn into each persons skin. For these two in particular, they are very sensitive.
    4) When it comes to feeding this particular demon, he can get it from any source. However, think of his master being a full course meal and the best wine money can buy and anyone else being crackers and dirty water. He can sleep with others to survive but it will not get full power from it.

    PM me if you are interested!
  2. I'd love to do this idea with you! ^ ^
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