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  1. I am just now delving into the Mature Role Play genre and wanted to do some one x one roleplays to ease into it.
    I had a few ideas, the bold ones are the position I would wish to RP.

    Shy girl x bold guy
    Demon x human
    Anthro x human
    Heirs of warring countries (Female x male)
    Arranged marriage (female x male)
    Werewolf x Human
    Bad guy x good girl
    Arranged marriage with hate at the start but love at the end
    Noble x Woman he cannot have
    Prostitute x Married man
    Maybe.... Male x Male ideas... Not sure about this?
    Master x Maid
    Butler x Mistress
    Easy going guy x shy girl
    Shy guy x confident girl
    Girl in all boy's school
    Boy in all girls school
    Sick/fragile girl x normal/bad guy <------ this one especially! XD
    Innocent girl x bad guy

    I prefer playing female characters but if there is a female you want to play, we can work something out!

    I have ideas for plots and such! Just let me know via this thread what sounds good!
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  2. I know I shouldn't take in another RP but to hell with it! I would like to do the Anthro x Human pairing
  3. The arranged marriage that starts with hate sounds fun.
  4. Alright then, PM me and we will sort something out.
  5. I might... maybe be interested in anthro x human. Shoot me a pm with what you had in mind. I do have a basic idea for this. Hopefully our ideas wont be too far off. That is if you'd like to do 2 pairings like that.
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  6. I know I shouldn't take on another roleplay right now but I can't help it! I'm a sucker for playing the bad boy. I'll do any of the bad boy scenarios.
  7. Hey, can you shoot me a pm about the boy in a all girls school or shy girlxbold guy?
  8. Oh, Boy in All Girl School have me full of ideas, I can try mature for this.
  9. Thats what I thought Valerine!
  10. The shy girl and bad boy thing catches my interest, especially since I always play the badass of the group.
  11. I would like to do one. Whichever one your available for is fine ... I'm indecisive.
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