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(this is the roleplay i want to do ~! I hope you will rp with me! >w< Oh and i like long posts!)

Years ago, a man was borned half human and half beast. His parents hated him and because he had a problem with anger and without knowing his true strenght he destroyed things. This did not make it better for his parents. They left him at a young age and the boy became a criminal. It wasn't normal to be born half beast. So all he came across hated him. With no place to go, his crimes only began worse. One day he was captured. He was going to get hanged. He struggled, but they had him chained up to well. He knew that they would hang him. Because that's the nature of humans, right? To be cruel.
As he was dragged across the marked place, where he was supposed to be hanged, someone threw a large bag infront of the men that wanted him hanged. "That should be enough, right? Then give him to me"
A light female voice roamed the air and the men froze for a moment. A scrawny gipsy girl stood before them, looking very confident. The men handed him over. All humans could be bought, right? So that wasn't too weird.
But something that was weird, was the girl that had 'bought' him. A scrawny little girl who seems to have a lot of guts. Because who haven't heard about the terrifying beast man? But it seemed that she didn't care. She let him into her home, where he could stay. The man decided to stay, after all he doesn't have anywhere else to go, for now.

However the girls avoids all physical contact and always wear a tone of cloth.. What the man doesn't know is that she is cursed. A curse that is killing her. If she touchs anyone with her bare hands, she can curse others..

(I will get more into detail about the curse in the rp. I would prefer to be the girl.)
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