looking for male character to do mxm or mxf

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are my plots appealing

  1. i find their interesting

  2. i'd love to rp one with you

  3. not very original

  4. overdone

  5. its not about the plot, its about unicorns

  6. meh

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  1. ok so so rules are simple.

    1) pm me. ill only respond if you pm me.
    2)i dont want to play opposite to someone who dosnt contribute to the story. bring your own twist.
    3) i write in first person. if you dont like it then move on dont try and change my writing style.
    4) i prefer to write 2-10 paragraphs but i get it if you cant always do that, so i get it if at some points you might have one liners but please dont get angry with me if i do the same.
    5) read my roleplay resume if you want to know my style. if i missed something ask me.
    6) if i dont like something i will tell you and i expect the same in return
    7) i wont drop the rp without notice so please return the favor and dont just stop responding.
    8) you must be 18+
    9) if you read the rules write 'rebel' in the subject of your pm to me.

    plots i've come up with:

    teacher [A] x student (mxm) :

    [A] is a hot young teacher and is constantly surrounded by his female students but his attention (and everyone else's) seems to land on one rebellious/troublemaker. is a teenager who crave's love and attention but wont admit it because of his checkered past. is constantly getting in trouble at school and constantly skipping classes or fighting with other students. [a] has made it his personal mission to teach a lesson. [a] is a secret sadist/dominant and is a secret submissive. how will it play out.

    kingdom hearts (riku x sora):

    finally the keyblade war is over and the enemies vanquished now what?
    kairi, riku and sora all head back to the island they lived in before this whole thing started and go back to school. kairi now pining for sora but how does sora feel... riku already knowing his feelings tries to get kairi out of the love triangle so he can have sora to himself. sora trying to figure out his feelings while trying to keep kairi and riku from fighting (without knowing why they are fighting)

    some pairings i'd like to do but am to lazy to write a plot for at the moment.

    1) 'vampire academy' next generation
    2) 'nightmare before Christmas' next generation (jack and sallies son with santa's daughter/son)
    3) 'alice in wonderland' next generation
    -alice's son with the mad hatters son
    -alice's daughter with the mad hatters son
    -mad hatters son with the queen of hearts daughter

    ill put more when i can think of more but for now these are what i have.
    the characters in bold are the ones i would like to play.
    put a smiley face in your response if you've read everything up to here. thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
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