Looking For Male Character (MxM) (Historical: Roman Empire)

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  1. RP Rules
    • I'm only looking for a human male character.
    • No 'virgin' characters.
    • Your character should be at least 25 years of age or older.
    • No anime/manga styled characters.
    • Be familiar with the Roman Empire (27 BC -117 AD under Emperors Augustus and Trajan)
    • This Role-play will a have realism flavor. Any image you use should follow suit.
    • Themes expected: Hard Core BDSM, Violence, Abuse, Non-consensual Sexual Content, Sexual Content, Drama, Romance, Hard Core Dominate/Submissive (Master/Slave), and Possible Bestiality. Themes are not limited to these and Players need to be willing to let me know what they will not play out.
    • Player needs to be 18+
    • You must be able to post at least once per day or more.
    • I'm only looking for a player that is capable on an Intermediate level. Please see link if you're unsure what level you are able to play on. Posting Level Expectation: Defined
    • Looking for at least two paragraphs or more per post.
    • Females are welcome to apply for the Male role.
    • The role-play will take place in PM Only.
    The Role-play Concept:

    Character A (My Character) is a former Roman Legionnaire who has used his skills as a Roman solider to train and fight Gladiators for the amusement of the people and his Emperor. Often known as the "Grinning Wolf", He's known for his viciousness and brutality on the battle field. And in his private life.

    Character B (Your Character) is the son of someone that owes money "Grinning Wolf" Money. Your father, a slave transporter allowed three of the "Grinning Wolf's" slaves to die while in transport. Your father is responsible for the value of those slaves. Your father comes to you, telling the dire situation he is in, you offer to work for the 'Wolf' to pay off the debt your father owes. However, what your Father hasn't told you, is he sold you to the 'Wolf' in order to settle his debt. You are no longer a Freeman, you're a slave to the "Grinning Wolf".

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