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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Welcome to Silent Decay's Partner Request! Stick around, read all of the information provided and if your still interested, PM me or leave message here and I will PM you as soon as I can!

    Partner Expectations:
    • Please be able to write in third person with intermediate skill level. Post should be at least 350 words or more with decent spelling and grammar. I don't ask for perfection, but I do ask for at least Intermediate level.
    • Please leave over-the-top Prose RP at the door. Blunt, dirty, and explicit is expected.
    • Please be willing to play out our RP via Conversations. I'm not looking to post in Threads.
    • Please make sure you have well thought-out, well-developed Characters. I would prefer to wait on starting an RP for my partners to have the time needed to put together characters that have detail and are of quality than just some random Mary/Gary Sue Character.
    • Please no Mary/Gary Sue characters or Anime characters.
    • Please no Submissive/Passive or Dominate/Aggressive only characters unless the Plot dictates such. Example: D/s or BDSM. Otherwise all of your characters need to be both passive and aggressive sexually.
    • No Child or Characters that under the age of 25.
    • Please Be willing to be Aggressive and Passive in a story-line/Plot/Arc. Be able to bounce off the ideas I offer and add to the story. Also be willing to help play out NPC's to help further to push along Plots.
    • If you intend on using a character image (Preferred), please no Anime.
    • I honestly don't care the gender of a player. Females are welcome to apply for Male roles just as Males are welcome to apply for Female roles.
    • Please be able to post at least once per week or more. If you think you will be more than 7 days, please take the time to let me know. I will do the same. After 9 days without any contact, I will assume that you've dropped the RP.

    Silent Decay's Big List of Nope:

    If you don't see it listed here, then I am open. This is list subject to be updated as needed.
    • Potty Play and all of its variations.
    • Vore Play and all of its variations.
    • Male Pregnancy.
    • Animals. This includes Furies or anything in between such as Kemonomimi. Lycanthropy however is fine.
    • Bukkake
    • Food Play
    • Foot Play
    • Kidnapping
    • Incest
    • Non-consensual
    • Sentient Cocks
    • Anal Prolapse
    • Vomiting
    • Anal Fisting
    • Breeding/Pregnancy

    A Wolf's Surrender (Modern Supernatural Male x Male) (open)

    Dallas, Texas.. Known for doing everything big, and MC is a local Homicide Detective that works with the DPD. He's often described as mean, blunt, and even violent. His behavior is just a defense to keep others from getting too close to him, from learning the truth about his true nature.

    A new case is thrown down on his desk, a man murder's his lover in cold blood for money. All of the facts lead directly to him, but something nags at MC. Something tells him that there are still unknown facts.

    YC is arrested for the Murder of his long-time lover. But he didn't commit the crime.

    Will MC believe his story? Will MC help try and clear him?

    For this RP, I am in need of a MALE Character that is of any race, or size- is at least 25 years or older, and is both Passive and Aggressive Sexually while willing to be either Top or Bottom. I have preference for Realistic Scenes and Character Images.

    Haunting the Moon (Modern Supernatural-Paranormal Female x Male) (open)

    YC is a Paranormal investigator that has picked up a new case, and it's turned out to be more than he and his team can handle. It's not just simple case of a haunting, but full fledged Demon that threatens to destroy the life of young child and at some point YC realizes he and his team can't combat the demon until a mysterious woman appears that comes across as larger than life.

    MC is a hunter. There is no one thing she can't track and hunt down. No one knows what she is, only that it's obvious she might not be human. For those that have had contact with her kind, they been referred to as Demons, Vampires, even fallen Angels- No none really knows the truth.

    Will she become YC's next Paranormal Case? Or will she end up joining YC's team?

    For this RP, I am in need of a male Character that is white, and taller than 6 feet, is at least 35 years or older, and is both Passive and Aggressive Sexually. I have preference for Realistic Scenes and Character Images and would Prefer if the male character that is not a twink or Emo, but rather very Masculine. Setting can be decided on prior to the RP starting.

    Apocalyptica (Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi Male x Female) TAKEN (open)

    The Year is 2109, 7 years after man created a global war, most of the world is left in complete ruin. Governments have fallen, nuclear fallout is prevalent everywhere. MC is a former US Combat Cyborg that was left to roam the remains of the world. He stumbles into what used to be the city of Las Vegas- the last place He expected to find people living and trying to rebuild a bastion of humanity.

    For this RP, I'm pretty open on YC. The only thing I ask is that she is at least 25 years of age or older and slightly passive/submissive sexually. No Anime images, please.
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  2. I am very interested in Apocalyptica. That sounds like a plot that I can see a lot of possibility in.
  3. PM me please!
  4. do you rp as male or female?

  5. For Rp's with Plots, It's stated in the plot information. For Pairing without plots I am willing to play Male or Female.
  6. Still Looking!
  7. Alright I'll Rping you ^_^ maybe i can play the male (even if im not good use to it)
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