Looking for Male and Female Characters (MxM and MxF Pairings)



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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen...

Welcome to Silent's Partner Request! Stick around, read all of the information provided and if your still interested, PM me or leave message here and I will PM you as soon as I can!

  • Please be able to write in third person with an Advanced skill level. Post should be at least 500 words or more with decent spelling and grammar. I don't ask for perfection, but I do ask for at least the Advanced Word count of 500 words or more.
  • My favorite Plot Candy is Romance!
  • Please leave over-the-top Prose RP at the door. Blunt, dirty, and explicit is expected.
  • Please be willing to play out our RP via Conversations on Iwaku only. I'm not looking to post in Threads, Messengers, E-mail, or Skype.
  • I enjoy a little more plot to smut, I'd say about 60% plot and 40% smut.
  • I won't play Fade-to-black.
  • I don't double in any RP or Double on Plots/Pairings/Characters.
  • Please make sure you have well thought-out, well-developed Characters. I would prefer to wait on starting an RP for my partners to have the time needed to put together characters that have detail and are of quality than just some random Mary/Gary Sue Character.
  • Please no Mary/Gary Sue characters or Anime characters.
  • Please Be willing to be Aggressive and Passive in a story-line/Plot/Arc. Be able to bounce off the ideas I offer and add to the story. Also be willing to help play out NPC's to help further to push along Plots.
  • If you intend on using a character image (Preferred), please no Anime.
  • I honestly don't care the gender of a player. Females are welcome to apply for Male roles just as Males are welcome to apply for Female roles. For the Record, I am in fact Female.
  • Please be able to post at least once per week. If you think you will be more than 7 days, please take the time to let me know. I will do the same. After 14 days without any contact, I will assume that you've dropped the RP. But I'll leave the conversation open in the event you weren't able to contact me. I understand situations arise that will not allow players to get contact made before they disappear.
  • All of my MxM pairings are Switches unless stated otherwise.
  • I won't play out:
    • Potty Play and all of its variations.
    • Vore Play and all of its variations.
    • Animals. This includes Furies or anything in between such as Kemonomimi.
    • Bukkake
    • Food Play
    • Foot Play
    • Sentient Cock
    • Anal Prolapse
    • Vomiting
    • Anal Fisting
    • ANIME
    • Girl-on-Girl/Yuri
  • Pairing Key: :alert:= Has a Plot, BOLD = The role I intend to play

MxM Pairings:
Vampire Master x Male Slave/Blood Doll (Submission, D/s, BDSM, Dark Themed) :alert:
Male Scientist x Male Solider (Switches, Apocalyptic , Zombies, Sci-Fi, ):alert:
Cyberpunk Male Cyborg Cop X Cyberpunk Male Partner (Switches, Furistic, Sci-fi, ):alert:
Step-Father x Step-Son (Submission, D/s, BDSM, Modern, Drama,

Cannon Fandom Pairings:
Tony Stark x Steve Rogers (Switches)
Bruce Wayne x Clark Kent (Switches)

I will update this listing as plots/pairings are taken or I come up with new ones. Happy Rp'ing!
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Updated with New pairing: Cyberpunk Male Cyborg Cop X Cyberpunk Female Partner. Plot is available!

Edit: To clarify, for this new pairing I am seeking the female character. :)
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Scientist x Male Solider has been re-opened!