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  1. Hello everyone :3

    I’m looking for active and long-term partners to RP with me. I would like to try something more romantic with drama and intense at the same time. A rp with a strong plot and supported by both partners. C’mon it’s always better when we have fun right? I would play as a Female and I can be Sub or Sub/Dom so a little of switch :3

    Some ideas
    ( Male / Female)
    * Vampire x Blind woman (You can develop your Bio the way you want i don't mind. The history takes place in modern days. The idea is to develop a bound when she can't see the beast but can 'see' his heart') Taken

    * Survivor x survivor (Apocalypse theme. We can do it fantasy or natural related) - Taken

    * Indian man x texas woman (This one thakes place in modern days as well. Indian culture people lives along with people in texas and MC is running from some guys and they met somehow...)

    * Pirate captain x newbie Pirate ( in this one YC would be recruiting new members and MC hids her true gender so she dresses as a boy.... t enter in his ship..) Taken

    * Warrior x Witch ( medieval era and the warrior can be human or a demon or any kind of race) Taken

    * Rich man x Homeless woman (any kind of era and races)

    * Surprise me with your idea! :3

    Now I will let you know a little about myself and what I consider important to roleplay with me:

    I can give you in minium 1 post per day but I do more than that :P, just telling you the worst scene. Normally I do several posts. It could happen a day that I really can’t rp … but it’s too rare and when that happens I advertise.
    My time zone sucks from the major role players since I’m from Europe but I try really hard to come at my mornings ( your night times XD) and all the times I can :3
    I’m looking for someone that can give me at least 1 good paragraph. Is not asking much right? I can write more 1-3/4 if you prefer as well..
    Please communicate with me. I normally talk by PM to discuss and chat freely… I learned that my best rp are that ones when we talk and ask help each other to develop the Rp. If you feel bored or uneasy with something talk to me. Really I will not get mad or annoyed but rather the opposite. We can overcome things 
    Rate ( plot - mature) : 50-50 or 60 – 50
    By the way English is my second language. I’m not an expert, nor an advanced ….i’m learning all the time so I just ask a little patience with me.
    Tell me all your uneasiness because I will respect any of those.
    I normally do Rp by PM’s but if you prefer doing it by Thread I don’t mind as well.
    Just a random note. I can draw/paint if you want I can do our char’s portrait .
    Ex: raj studies.jpg

    Well, I think that’s everything for now,
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Feel free to PM me if you are interested[/BCOLOR] to develop a Rp with me. I have some ideas to share but I also can develop one with you!

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  2. *Bump* Still looking :3
  3. * Edited with some pairings , still looking for partners!
  4. Love love loved your first idea- Vampire x Blind Woman. Would it be alright if I made the Vampire amnestic??
  5. Thats really good to know *.* i do love that idea as well
    You mean turn the vampire male amnestic ?
    Ah feel free to PM :) we can discuss it!
  6. :3 Still looking
  7. The "Rich Man and Homeless woman" game sounds fun. You have any ideas for that?
  8. :3 i have a few main subjects for that idea but we can discuss it by Pm if you want :)
  9. I'm might interested in this one. You're looking for a Male, Correct? PM me please with any details. :)
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  10. Could I try something different altogether: Experiment X Experiment(Both are Nearl-Human beings).
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  11. Please PM me if you are still interested!
  12. aww that sounds interesting actually! Please PM me
  13. I would be interested in doing your Pirate role play, but would you also permit a Ms? Or we could try one of mine. I role play as Male of Female. My females are either Dominate or submissive. Mostly either as a Mistress or slave. With my female characters I role play them either straight or yuri (fxf). With my Male characters I always role play them straight and Dominate usually as a strong independent or Master. Please PM me if interested.
  14. Hello :hugs: I have that theme already filled awwwww but if you are interested we can develop a new one toguether! I'm always open to new ideas. If you still interested just tell me and i PM you :)
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  15. Yes, by all mean I'm interested, and as I said I have ideas. So please go ahead and PM me.
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