Looking for M partners in MxF pairings.

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  1. Hello, I've been inactive for awhile, but I'm back and with a craving to write dirty o.o. Here is some info ~

    1. I tried playing M in MxF pairings...I suck. LOL and I don't like it. So only looking for partners willing to be male. And dominant roles as well.

    2. I have been roleplaying for over 5 years, and though I do not expect essays in response, I do expect standard grammar and at least a paragraph (Depending on the situation). But do not let this intimidate you, the only thing that really turns me off with a RP partner is one that doesn't use spelchek and puts little to no effort in trying to make the writing juicy. Because you could write essays after essays, but if it's only fluff, I don't care to read it.

    3. I'm open to a lot of ideas. Please feel free to post anything you are interested in. I am mainly interested in OC interactions, but if canon is involved, it would have to be OC x Canon, with me being OC. My anime/manga knowledge is limited as well, so I only know a few. But I would be willing to research if your idea is interesting enough.

    4. I prefer to RP on the board but would be willing to RP on a color-note pad (such as titanpad/sync.in etc) or google docs. Anything else is a no.

    5. Romance is optional but not preferred.
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  2. Hmm you have sparked my interest
  3. What would you like to try?
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