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  1. Hiya! I'm Shadowy, and I'm looking for someone to do a 1x1 SAO RP with me, though it will be based in the time after the end of Season Two with the main game being Alfheim online. Instead of being trapped in the game, just wandering around and trying to defeat bosses, this Roleplay will focus on the Alfheim Online universe where players can move between the game and real life freely. Basically this roleplay will be a balanced slice of life of the real world and virtual world. The two characters will get a chance to interact with people in the game and outside the game. Maybe to go for coffee and plan the next quest hunt, or hang out and do karaoke and have fun sleepovers! ^~^

    For the plot of this story, I wanted it to follow two people who are living seperate lives and eventually meet in the game. They take an interest in eachother and maybe eventually it will turn into a romance kind of thing. I want to incorporate as much of the real life aspect as possible, as in the show, i was really missing that connection with all of the characters.

    Anyways, if your interested, have any questions about me or the plot, please feel free to leave me a pm or post here. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Character Sheet

    Name: (Name in real life)

    Screenname: (Name in the game)

    Age: 18+

    Appearance: (Anime style picture)

    Avatar: (Anime style in game picture. Do your best.)

    Race: (Is your character Cait Sith, Gnome, Spriggan, Slyph, Salamander, Undine, Pookah, Imp, or Leprechaun. Keep in mind they have different attributes. See them all

    Personality: (Can we avoid the type who hate everything. Antisocial is fine but let's not have someone who's a complete bitch and is hard to speak to.)

    Occupation: (What does your character do when he/she is not playing Alfheim. Where can he/she be found? School? Work? Etc...)

    Bio: (Short intro into who your character is in real life.)

    Other: (Anything you feel you want to add.)

    And now for my character.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Hikari Miho

    Screenname: Himika

    Age: 21




    Race: Salamander

    Personality: Hikari has a kind personality that allows her to get along with nearly anyone. She is unlike the aloof or closed off type one would assume her to be if they know anything about the Miho family. Hikari has managed to keep her same bubbly personality that keeps people wanting to know her, despite growing up and being pampered like a typical rich little girl. She is tough at heart, determined, and stubborn, If she doesn't get what she wants right away, she will fight and fight, never letting up until she gets it. She hates few things and loves a lot of things. Though it once was easy to upset her, or get her to cry, it is much more difficult now. After years of trying to learn patience and control over her emotions, she had finally succeeded in such and is more laid back than she used to be. She has an uncanny way of making others uncomfortable by being bluntly honest, or rather embarrassingly honest. If she finds herself stuck in an embarrassing situation, she'll giggle her way out of it. She is completely carefree and rarely seems anxious or under stress, even under difficult circumstances. Hikari is very good at comforting others and is usually quite a joy to be around. She has extremely well-developed senses and an aesthetic appreciation for beauty. She's not interested in leading or controlling others, but more wanting to make everyone else happy. She is flexible and open-minded about other people lives, traditions, stories, etc... She is also original and very creative and enjoys living in the present moment. When gaming, Hikari is a quick thinker, unpredictable, and she hits hard every time, never letting up when faced with tough challenges. She refuses to ever let down anyone, and is extremely loyal. She can be trusted to follow through with tasks without hesitation.

    Occupation: Hikari works as a Bartender in a small bar on the outskirts of Osaka. She attends an Art Academy in the center of the city, studying to become an animator. She has school Monday-Thursday in the mornings and at night she works. Friday thru Sunday, Hikari is free to play Alfheim pretty much all day long.

    Bio: Born into a wealthy but abusive family of strong intellectuals, Hikari has always been scolded for being more artistic and not studious. This caused her to have a rather detached relationship with her parents from an early age. She had a younger sister who excelled at everything her parents wanted their eldest to, and eventually their influence drove a wedge between them too. Though she has a personality that other kids loved to be around her, Hikari's parents always sent her to private schools and forbade her from making friends; often locking her in her room for days on end to keep her from going outside. After high school her parents cut her off from their wealth and she has been on her own since. She is very self sufficient and pays for herself to go to art school as well as for her own small apartment in the heart of Osaka, Japan. It's not always easy for her to pay for such things, and most days she works well past her physical and emotional limit. Alfheim offered her a temporary escape from the toughness of real life. One that she very much appreciates.

    Weapon: Scarlet Obsidian - Often uses fire magic when shooting arrows.

    Has a pet Hamster she named Moshi.

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  2. I'm interested in an SAO rp
  3. I may be interested in this Sword Art Online roleplay ^.^.
  4. @Midnight Justin and @Ultra Paradox i'm glad you both expressed interest. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to pm me. If you already know what characters you want to play, also feel free to pm or place it here when your done. Thank you both!
  5. This is so cool I've really wanted to do a thread like this. Of your still looking for people I would love to do one with you, but if your too busy at the moment I understand.
  6. @Zadok shadows yes im still looking. the others haven't replied to me since before :) do you have any questions or ideas?
  7. @Shadowy

    Nope I'll make a cs by the end of today. Just a heads up I'll probably pick a spriggan. I just like their perks.
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  8. Those of you who are still interested, I'll be editing my CS a little.

    Also, I only have time to rp this with one person, so I have to say the first person to get a completed cs to me will be the one I rp with.

    Please get back to me ASAP guys! I'm really wanting to do this with one of you.
  9. bump. still looking.
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