Looking for M in libertine/adult category rp's [1x1]?

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  1. Soooo yeahh....I'm looking for a dedicated rp partner who will get creative with the plot and story just as much as the smut scenes. Also that will be interested in taking the story forward to new levels. Tbh I really don't have any solid ideas in mind but I'm willing to do anywhere from modern / sci-fi / fantasy / action...I'm leaning towards modern (slice of life) and I'm already involved in action/fantasy rp's but if anyone has a unique idea I'd love to hear it!

    I want a lasting rp that continues to drive forward so if you're a in and out person or a strong starter but non-finisher don't even waste my or your time.

    I do love fandoms also!

    Ideas I skimmed across: (* Ones I would really like)

    - *College / College Break Rp
    - Two Ex's Rp
    - Two Best Friends Rp
    - *Final Fantasy 7 Sequel Rp (Post Advent Children)
    - *Dc/Marvel cinematic universe rp (OC's welcome!)
    - Female just moved to M's town/city
    - Walking Dead 1x1 - - Our OC's plus Rick's Group
    - Harry Potter 1x1 - - Post Death. Hallows events

    Anyone interested respond! Anymore ideas to add don't be afraid to input! <3
  2. I would like to try two ex
  3. Ohh! Who do you play in the DC/Marvel things?
  4. DC -- Raven
    Marvel -- Sersi

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.