Looking for lovely lady or gentleman to go on an adventure with!

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  1. Hi!
    I'm new to this site, but I'm hoping to meet a lot of new people and find some good role-plays!

    Where I Role-Play:
    - Here via a board or PM
    - E-mail
    - Messengers (MSN, AIM, YIM)

    What I Role-Play:
    - Historical Fantasy/Supernatural
    - Modern Fantasy/Supernatural
    - Modern
    - Historical
    I do a lot of things that fall under these categories, a whole list can be found at my website. I'm very open to your suggestions!
    Specific Ideas:
    - Vampires
    - Fairy-tale
    - Fey (Selkies, Kelpies, Unseelies, Seelies, oh my!)
    - Angels
    - Pirates
    - Teacher/Student
    - Greek/Norse/Egyptian mythology
    - Victorian, Regency, French Revolution, Medieval, Renaissance, etc.

    Bits and Tips:
    - My FxF role-plays tend to be much more mature than my MxF ones.
    - I like a bit of romance, but it's not all there has to be! I just like the possibility of our characters falling in love somewhere along the way.
    - I love elaborate plots and grand adventure and drama.
    - I play both male and female. I do not double. I prefer playing female only because I frequently find a lot of peoples girls to be simpering idiots waiting for my guy to fall all over them. However, I also hate it when the guy is totally useless and totally sans cojones.
    - I don't have a minimum post length or anything, I just want something that keeps me interested and gives me something to reply to!

    I'm probably leaving something out. I'll remember it later.
    I don't have any huge preferences at the moment. I do love dark, twisted, mysterious role-plays though.
  2. Hello~! Right now, I found I have enough time for another roleplay, and it seems you are who I want to roleplay with now~! I am fine with almost any plotline (a lot of them match with yours) but at the moment, I am battling a nasty case of writer's block. How about, I try and think of an idea over the day, and come back to you later~?
  3. Hey I'm looking to broaden my horizons so I'm up for anything you can throw at me! I agree with just about everything you posted up, so let me know what you're looking to do :)
  4. Larerani - Sounds good! I haven't role-played in a really long time so I'm a bit rusty myself. Feel free to go to my site and look over my full list of plots and genres and see if anything sparks your fancy

    Esthalia - I posted an intro in the one on one section that no one has seemed to take interest in if you want to look at it :)
  5. I just happen to have gotten an idea~! So, it's based in the early-1940s, when the Nazis were just going batshit insane and putting away Jewish and the gypsies, etc, in the concentration camps. BUT~! There's another reason why the Nazis are doing this. It's because each of the prosecuted parties are a different kind of supernatural being. The Jewish are vampires and gypsies are magic-people or werewolve-ish people. Several years before the war, the Nazis approached both groups, trying to get them to help them in their conquest. When both parties declined, the Nazis retaliated with force, etc etc.

    Here's the story idea. The leader of the Jews and the leader of the Romanies are both captured, but through the reluctant cooperation of both of them, they escape going to Auschwitz, and are now on the run. The Nazis believe that the two will lead them to the rest of their people. The two learn of this, and proceed to lead them in a wild goose chase across Europe. While both persecuted parties were in a long and hard fought war, up until the last five or so years, the two do not trust eachother at first. But gradually, as they brush with death on more than one occasion, they begin to develop more of a relationship, etc, etc, etc.

    Like it? I know it's not much, and I can understand if you don't like it.
  6. ^ That plot is amazing! Just saying.

    I would definitely be interested in doing a 1x1 with you Wodensday. I really enjoy playing werewolves and vampires and I've been craving a werewolf X vampire plot. I'm open to pretty much anything so we can definitely discuss something over PM's if you'd like. :)