Looking for longterm RP buddy, plots and pairings inside! (May also include Disney fandom.)

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  1. I'm looking for a longterm FxF RP partner who's enthusiastic, friendly, and wants to share the creative process (instead of just expecting me to come up with everything). Ideally, our stories would evolve over time, with our characters encountering new challenges to overcome as we explore different themes.
    I'm not a huge stickler for post length and won't flip out if you don't swamp me with tons of paragraphs in each post. I'm not here to write a novel or get into a contest with my partner. I'm here to pretend and play in an interactive story that reacts dynamically and quickly, sometimes at the expense of more flowery prose. If you feel like writing some one-liners during dialogue or whatever, that's perfectly fine. Quality over quantity, as they say!
    So, I've had a few FxF RP pairings rattling around in the ol' braincase for a while now and did my best to summarize them below. The roles I would want to play are listed second and printed in italics. Some of these are just tiny little inklings right now and will need some additional details. Let's work on fleshing them out together and have a fun adventure!
    Original: Urban goth fantasy TAKEN!
    Apprentice + Leader of a powerful witch's coven
    Summary (open)
    New York City, 2089. Following the economic collapse of America and the rapid spread of easily preventable disease, the remaining population finds solitude in the few remaining metropolitan city centers, which have each become their own self-governed city states. In the chaotic power vacuum of the preceding decades, magic and witchcraft resurfaced in force for the first time since the colonial days. Potions, curses, and enchanted curios became the new "drug of choice" for a disaffected populace, covens became the new crime organizations, and counterculture became culture in this new world. Your character is struggling to get by at a dead-end job, doing her best to keep her growing magical affinity under wraps. But when she meets Charlotte Ambrose, leader of a new and rapidly ascending coven, she is encouraged to develop her powers.
    Original: Wild west fantasy TAKEN!
    Younger sister + Older sister
    Summary (open)
    An alternate-history Wild West where magic, ghosts, and superstition are real and rapidly emerging in a lawless, ever-changing frontier. Your character is one of many aboard a hijacked train and taken to an outlaw town besieged at night by vengeful phantoms and warring outlaw factions. My character, learning of this, arms herself and sets out to take revenge. The story opens not long before you are rescued. Now, both sisters are in over their heads, hunted by outlaws as they attempt to escape the violent town together. Along the way, the two are made to come to terms with the illicit romance they shared in the past and how it has nearly destroyed their family name. With the future uncertain, they must decide how to reconcile their desires and how best to proceed forward... if they manage to escape with their lives.
    Original: Victorian London horror fantasy
    Assistant + Paranormal investigator
    Summary (open)
    Don't have a lot of details for this just yet, but I've been playing with the idea of two paranormal investigators going on different adventures throughout Victorian era London. My character would have been doing this for years on her own, but has recently decided to hire an assistant to work with. A big theme we could work with is the difficulty they face trying to be seen as legitimate in a freshly skeptical society. The format would also give us plenty of different cases for them to pursue, with endless horror iconography and detective tropes to put our own spin on.
    Fandom: Hocus Pocus TAKEN!
    Dani Dennison + Sarah Sanderson
    Summary (open)
    I don't often get strong fandom RP cravings but I'm dying to do this one. Loooove this movie. After that chaotic Halloween night in Salem almost two decades ago, Dani Dennison eventually settled into her young adult years in New York City, leaving her hometown behind and the strange memories with it. In a way, it all seems so distant as to be fantasy; a strange campfire tale she half-heard from somebody else. However, as Halloween approaches this year, there is a nervous energy in the crisp Autumn air that she can't help but wonder about. But nothing could prepare her for the events that would lead to the reigniting of the black flame candle, the resurrection of Sarah Sanderson, and the strange affection that would develop between them as they're forced to unite against a new evil. Along the way, Dani helps Sarah adjust to life in the modern world, and helps her see that maybe being an evil soul-sucking witch isn't the only way to live.
    Fandom: Disney Princesses
    Any princess(es) of your choosing + Aurora, Rapunzel, or maybe Elsa
    Summary (open)
    Not too sure what I want to do here in terms of actual story, but I loooove the idea of a Disney Princess pairing and having them be a little more in control of their own destinies. If you think you can help me devise a clever way to put two characters' worlds together and create a grand romantic tale out of it, let's do it! But before anyone asks, I have not played Kingdom Hearts, so this wouldn't be based on that despite the whole worlds-meeting concept being similar.
    I am also open to hearing any pairings and plots you may have. I love to hear other people's ideas, especially if they've put a lot of thought and worldbuilding into them and are looking for somebody to play a character that would fit well with theirs. As somebody who's ran a lot of games in their day, this would actually be kind of a relief. Some fun pairings could include Knight+Bandit, Teacher+Student, Princess+Guard, Heroine+Villain, Popular girl+Nerdy girl, and more!
    Anyway, PM me if you want to chat and iron out the details. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  2. @cam I am definitely interested in the Hocus Pocus one. It's different, and seems like it could be a lot of fun!
  3. Glad to hear it! I'll PM you about it in a few. :3
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  4. The Victorian London idea seems interesting. If you'd like to roleplay it together, send me a PM.
  5. Sweet, will do.
  6. I'd really love to do Disney Princesses!
  7. Yay! Updated my post to reflect claimed pairings.
  8. A Heroine x Villain in some sort of Cyberpunk/Modern time setting would be awesome. I'm thinking kind of like Nolanverse Batman in terms of setting inspiration.
  9. Love the younger sister x older sister idea! PM me?
  10. Working on sending out PMs to y'all. Really happy to see that people out there might actually be interested in my big dumb make-believe ideas.
  11. I'm interested in the urban goth fantasy. I would do wild west fantasy before it but I'm not experienced in alternate history roleplays at all. D:
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