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Greetings, I'm seeking a long-term partner to weave a narrative. As a writer, I prefer to engage only with existing OC's that have character sheets. The plot we will construct will depend on the creations, as I feel considering both characters before writing the actual outline yields the best results. I compose anywhere from 5-15 paras, depending on what I have to work with. As far as my partner's length, I couldn't care less as long as they read what I submitted. I do not expect you to read my sheet in its entirety, though I advise perusing it at your leisure. The OCs I wish to use have been around for over a decade, so naturally, there is much information. We do not have to play within her setting.

Character sheets below

Valerna Jorgenskull | Whitesand Empire
Zelena | Whitesand Empire
Samara Del'Fluent | Whitesand Empire
Tahira | Whitesand Empire

(All art is mine.)

I'm looking forward to your DM