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  1. Hi peoples! I'm interested in pursuing a long-term story-driven RP, in any of the folowing fandoms: Fallout, Blade Runner, any variation of James Bond-esque setting, Deus Ex, Star Wars or Star Trek (just dont expect me to know the names of all the ships and other techy stuff :P ; I'm familiar vith the basics but I dont much care for the space-operesque part of it, boring, I'm much more a ground-type ).

    Aniway, I write at least a paragraph or more, I like descriptivenes and atention to detail (especialy in sex and combat scenes), I do not like supernatural nonsense or radicaly twisting realism, how-ever. I also like a gritty feel to the world, so no cartoon-ish stuff (and ABSOLUTLY no anime).

    And... just because I'm looking for plot, it dont mean I dont seek plenty of smut too. :devil: So the RP wuld be 18+ for sure, and the smut wuld be rather explicit and intense, vhen it happens. I'd post a full list of my likes/dislikes, but I dont think this is the right place for that, I'l give details in PMs, so here I'l only mention my chars are bisexual, vith a more hetero-bent, and I wil never play any furry/futa/other non-human types. I play strictly female main characters (but can add male NPCs as needed).

    Thats about all, if your interested PM me and we'l talk! :)))
  2. Hello. Since you are going to be looking for sex, I've moved this roleplay to the Livertine forum. In the future any request for a roleplay or actual roleplay that will definitely contain sex should be posted there, to keep 17- individuals from posting/writing with 18+ members.

    That's all. Happy partner hunting.
  3. Thx. I didnt notice the sub-area for 18+ requests, sorry. Stil figuring out the site.
  4. Update: I got 6 diferent ppl interested by now, and I'l only take up to 2 long-term one on one RPs (dont think I can keep up with more) so I'm puting this on-hold for the time being. Thanx for the interest, I'l post more updates as needed. :)
  5. There any openings for this? :) I've been playing Fallout 4 since it came out, but I've just recently gotten ideas for a few RPs in the universe.
  6. No, sorry, I'm full here for now. And I dont play F4, only ever played F3 and NV.
  7. Alright :)

    F4 was fun. Wish they had more of the systems from 3 and NV (just put together better), but it was still pretty fun.

    Anyway, I hope your RPs go well :)
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