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  1. Hi there, I am new to the site, but not to roleplaying, so please bare with me as I get to know the site a little better.
    I am Kitsume-chan and I am looking for a long-term rp partner to do a one x one over Pms with. I don't have many rules but please see below before commenting or PMing me.

    ** Must be 18+ Nothing against you young ones, but I am looking for someone my age to RP with
    ** Must be literate. Please no Text talk, one-liners and incomprehensible spelling mistakes please.
    ** Must be willing to play a male character. I am willing to double.
    ** No automatic love-interest! I love the build up.
    ** I can add more rules later.

    Things I want to roleplay:

    * Eh
    ** Sure
    *** Okay!
    **** Yes
    ***** OH MY GOD, YES!!!


    ***** Naruto | Deidara x OC
    ***** The Devil is a Part-timer | Lucifer x OC
    **** Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist | Bon x OC
    ***** Nagi No Asukara/ A lull in the sea | OC x OC
    ***** Free! Eternal Summer | Haru x OC , Nagisa x Rei
    ***** Kingdom Hearts | Axel/Lea x OC
    **** Devil May Cry (haven't played all the games yet!) | Dante x OC
    **** Pokemon | Steven Stone x OC , Trainer x Trainer , Gajika x Gajinka
    *** Life is Strange | Nathan x OC
    *** Deadman Wonderland | Crow x OC , Ganta x OC , Yo x OC
    **** Brothers Conflict | Subaru x OC
    *** Full Metal Alchemist | Edward x OC
    *** Soul Eater | Soul x OC
    **** Parasyte | Shinichi x OC


    **** Sea-dweller x Land-dweller (based off Nagi No Asukara)
    *** Room mate x Room mate
    *** Neko x Human
    **** Friend x Person with mental-illness (depression)
    ***** Customer x Pet Store Worker
    ***** Employee x Employee
    *** Gang member x Friend
    ***** Western Astrological Zodiacs

    ***** Youtuber x Fan | Markiplier x Fan , NateWantsToBattle x Fan
    ***** Your Ideas!!
  2. Let the bumping begin!
  3. Hello! I'm interested in:

    **** Sea-dweller x Land-dweller (based off Nagi No Asukara)
    *** Neko x Human
    ***** Your Ideas!!
  4. Awesome! Please send me a PM! :)
  5. Still looking..
  6. I'd be up for Axel/LeaxOc, GijinkaxGijinka, NekoxHuman, and roommates. Also, NateWantsToBattle is a sexy beast!
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