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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for some (yes, multiple people can go for this) long-term RP PARTNERS.

    Meaning what I want is to not necessarily start one long roleplay with whoever responds to this, but I want to meet some roleplay partners who can pick up/come up with a quick story line on the spot and go for it! I don't always want a long term roleplay, but I'm up for those as well! I wanna be able to stick with these partners for a long time if possible, because quality by far trumps quantity!

    What I mostly enjoy is characters who can interact and just do quick RP for a few days, and then start a new RP whenever with a new quick little plot and just kinda develop as characters together. But like I said, I DO enjoy long-term roleplays as well.

    What am I looking for partner wise?

    - Multi-dimensional/3-D characters. (Characters with in debt personalities, story lines, etc.)
    - Multiple characters, variety. (This isn't a necessary if your character can perform well in different scenarios. But I do like people having different species varieties in characters: Humans, vampires, trolls, etc.)
    - Creativity. (I cannot stress this enough, I'm looking for someone who can get up and go with new little RPs all the time or really get in depth with a long term roleplay.)
    - Grammatically inclined. (I don't want perfection, that would be unreasonable to ask being I myself am far from grammatically perfect. I just want some effort. None of the whole "how r u 2day.")
    -At least multi-sentence to short paragraph posts. (I can adapt and go for longer posts myself, but I'd rather at least keep to multi-sentence responses.)
    -At least a few posts a day please. (I can do long sessions of a few hours of RP in one sitting but I want at least a few posts a day if that's alright.)
    -I am NOT looking for relationships RP wise, meaning no smut (sexual RP) of any form.

    I am usually pretty flexible genre wise, and will do canon/fandom themed RPs but I prefer things from scratch usually. Or RPs INSPIRED by fandoms, rather than directly involved.
    I'm open to RP with all sorts to just about any kind of characters honestly! Any gender, any sexuality, any age above 15, any species, etc!
    I have all sorts of different characters (not all of them on my toyhou.se yet) and am happy to use them with you!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I meet a lot of awesome people from this post!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.