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  1. I'm looking for someone who is willing to do a MxM rp and has a long-term plot idea. By long-term I mean a rp that's plot won't run out of steam after a few post. It's no fun when an rp gets to have so little to go on its nothing, but one-liners of characters trading dialogue. I willing to brainstorm about idea and how the ro should play out.

    I prefer to have all my stories be somewhat romantic so consider the fallowing sub genres.
    Genres I WILL DO: Fantasy, Supernatural, Historical Fiction (Rome/Greece, medieval/renaissance, Japan)
    Genres I WON'T DO: Science fiction, fandoms, horror.

    I don't have any problems with playing non human/human form characters. So things like anthro's and shapeshifters are fine.

    I always play ukes, but I don't do the simpering, whiny uke unless it's really required for the rp. My ukes are mostly smart, kind and aren't afraid to get dirty. Depending on the story they can either fight or at least don't do stupid things. You won't see my character running off after being stayed put unless forced to run. They can be cute and innocent, but they can also be street smart and tough.

    I ask that you know basic grammar and spelling although I'm not going to get mad if a few mistakes pop up every once in a while. I don't care how long the posts are as long as their quality. I obviously don't want it to become all one-liners, but not every post has to be five full paragraphs if most of it is just repetition of what the character already said and explained. I'm not expecting you to reply every day since I will not always be able to reply every day. Feel free to ask questions and tell me your ideas I like trying new things or doing different takes on old ideas.

    The Little Grey Mouse

    I got the idea for this rp from a one-shot webcomic called What You Cannot Have. You don't need to read it, but if you are interested it's at smackjeeves.com. It's like the rp, mature and a MxM so read at your own risk. While the idea is based off the webcomic the characters are not the same.

    Ryan Dean is called the little grey mouse on the college campus. He is shy and not very confident in himself. The only time Ryan has ever held his ground was when he refused to go to the college his parents wanted unless he could take an elective art class. Ryan has never been happier to have caused a conflict because in his sophomore year he develops a crush on a classmate. However, Ryan's shy nature makes him unable to gather the nerve to approach the other boy so he watches him from afar. Little does Ryan know his classmate notices the stares that Ryan gives him.

    I need someone to play Ryan's classmate.

    A commoner and his mate the prince
    I have a rough idea for an rp I'd like to do of a commoner (MC) who finds he's the true mate of a price (YC). I'd like someone who is willing to brain storm and not be afraid to add their own input. Mostly about the world it takes place in and how things work. A big nonnegotiable parts of the rp would be the involvement of mpreg. It is not mandatory, but if your interested in including it let me know.

    Incubus/Human (Male/male Incubus needed)

    The idea is that your character is a new co-worker with mine. They become friends, but after hearing about his new-coworkers sexual exploits (the world is supposed to be like ours where we still think things like incubus are myth.) is hesitant to ask him on a date. After that, I'll leave it open to how my character finds out that yours is an incubus. It could be that mine is meant to be yours mate or your character trust/likes mine enough to tell him the truth or anything else you can thing of.
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  2. I would be interested in the commoner/prince idea. ^^
  3. Cool. Any questions for me?
  4. Hmm. I'd mostly like to know about the culture and sociopolitical landscape of the kingdom. Involving royalty is 10x more fun when you can bring in the fate of the entire kingdom or region. ^^ Also, how much fantasy would you want it to involve?
  5. Well the kingdom the rp takes place in is at peace at the moment. That due to the fact that the kingdom has a lot of allies and is very large. Still things like marriage between kingdoms are important, but can be changed if a true mate is found for one of the people getting married. The mate thing along with a little magic is the only real fantastical elements. Magic can only be practiced by those who have been trained. It's something that can be genetic, but sometimes people are just capable of using magic. Mates just mean soul mates and when two soul mates make skin contact a ring like tattoo appears on the ring finger. Any marriage contract will be null and void if one person meets their soul mate. This could be part of the problem with my chracter and your being soul mates. Maybe yours is promised to someone from the kingdoms allies and it leave a problem with how to keep the peace.
  6. Hmm. I think I have an interesting idea...
    Maybe my character is the firstborn son of the king, but his mother is the king's lover, not his wife. That means that the secondborn son, though a few months younger, is set to inherit. My character, however, thinks he has a chance to change his father's mind if he can arrange a particularly profitable and choice marriage to the princess of a neighboring small kingdom which could be incorporated into part of this country. Just as it looks like he stands a chance, he meets your character and realizes that his brilliant plan is about to fall to pieces. After all, what princess would marry him knowing he has already found a soulmate, and what king would want him for a son when he has another man for a partner?
    For bonus points around this time someone attempts to assassinate the crown prince, and your character is framed for it?

  7. That sounds good and maybe it could be the kings lover who is behind the assassination attempt? Also maybe my character and the prince start spending more and more time together so feelings begin to slowly evolve and the prince begins to have to fight with being future king and being with someone who truly fits him and he is growing to have feelings for.
  8. Im interested in the college rp?
  9. Okay. Any questions about the rp?
  10. Are you Ryan or am I? And thread or rp?
  11. "I'm Ryan and either is fibe.
  12. okay, we can do a thread ^^ do you wanna start?
  13. Yeah I'll pm you the link.
  14. okie dokie
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