Looking For Long Term RP Partner-Active and Flexible.

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  1. Hello fellow RPers. My name is Quory, and I /LOVE/ doing long term action packed, fantasy and romance RPs. I enjoy having teen based characters- and I have a lot in stocked. High School sees to be the main setting I start with, but I'm very flexible with the year and setting and so on. Not as flexible with the genre- I'm specifically looking to do Action/Romance/Fantasy, but all balanced.

    I'd like to have a partner who is very active, either on this site or Skype. Someone who has at least an hour(More is welcomed) everyday(most days of the week than not) where they can dedicate it to the RP. I don't mind short "brb" or if you have to go, you have to go. I get offline every school day night at 9PM EST. Id also like my partner to have more than one character. I tend to have two - four active characters throughout the RP, and appreciate having a partner who does the same. Also, skill and length is not required. As everyone is learning and improving, I am as well, and expect only what I have specified.

    MY Definition of Long Term: The RP should take O V E R one month. My longest RP I have done was 3 years, two months and 19 days. I'm actually hoping to beat that, without it getting dull. (And the RP didn't "end", it got cut off because the site was terminated.)
    Rating: I like to keep my rating PG-13 for the most part. At certain points, if sexual interactions occur, We can decide on our comfort level with each other, and whether or not details is wanted. If not, I'm okay with "Time Skip."

    If you're interested in my pickiness, I am only a PM away. Or comment. That too. OH- Add some humor to yourself and your plot. c:

    ((PS: I have no sexual orientation or gender preferences.))
  2. YES. Finally, another rp'er who plays multiple characters! I'm all for this :D I've an idea, if you'd care to hear it. It's definitely different, but you might like it.
  3. Sure! I'd love to hear it. (:
  4. I thought you seemed perfect when I saw that you were also RPing with Cat, and now I see this! I'd love to get something started with you! I have a medieval fantasy plot you may be interested in, if you'd like to hear it =).
  5. OK!

    Two armies have been at war for nearly a century. It's Tolkien-ish fantasy, so I'd be playing elves, and you can play whatever you like ^^ The war's been going on for so long that no one can remember exactly how it started, and both have their own skewed versions of the truth. Your race's army would capture a large city north of the elven capitol. The capturing of that city is the last stepping stone for them to take the capitol and win the war. The rp would be about the siege, what happens afterwards, and anything else we can think of. I'd be playing the lord of the city and his family, as well as various other people within the city. You could play any of the invading army's soldiers, even a few elves if you want ^^ There is room for romance on many fronts, and we could probably create a large love scandal somewhere in there if the mood strikes us.

    If you aren't interested in this idea, I have another more modern-ish one that I can try.
  6. Aw, I'm flattered! and OF course! I'd love to hear your ideas! Write away, Ma'm!
  7. Well Sol, I must say....

    Interesting Idea.

    I love it! Never done anything like it, so I am EXCITED! Message me so we can get Main Character details, times and time zone, etc planned out so we can get started c:
  8. Here are two different plots you may like =).

    Medieval fantasy plot:
    There's a kingdom, yadda yadda, beloved king. The king's senior advisor--a wizard and necromancer, although the king remains unaware of the latter--instills a sickness in the king that eventually kills him. The king's son, a man in his early-to-mid twenties, becomes king, with the advisor counting on his idea that the young man will remain naive and impressionable. However, the son simply follows in his father's footsteps. As a result, the advisor uses necromancy to...'revive', in need of a better word, the father (the king), placing him in power once more, but under the advisor's control. The advisor has the son--the true king--and his sister--whom I'd love to take as one of my characters--put into the dungeon so that they don't interfere. Eventually, a rebel group breaks the true king (prince) and the sister out of the castle, taking them to the rebel stronghold to plan their next steps. Thoughts?

    WWII plot:
    Around the time of the start of the blitzkrieg, Hitler orders the sacking of the British embassy in Germany. Years earlier, Chamberlain had established a Jewish man as the Ambassador in an attempt to show unity or whatever in his usual stupid Chamberlain way, and this had just never been changed--heightened tensions gave Chamberlain, and later Churchill, 'more important things' to worry about. So, the embassy is sacked, and the Ambassador is taken as a political prisoner by the Germans. While this is going on, a diplomat--perhaps on orders from the Ambassador, or perhaps on his own accord--helps the ambassador's child(ren) escape, and takes the child (ren) to America to stay with an American family and wait out the end of the war, similarly to British children who were sent to the countryside.
  9. I'm not too big on WWII. But I like the Medieval Fantasy plot. Sure, go ahead and be the princess. I want to be a Rebel leader. ;3 Message me so we can plan this out. :D