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  1. Important!
    If you are one of those who just disappears after a few posts, don't bother.
    I'm tired of putting a lot of work into my characters and plot, and then never se it happening.
    So be sure that you actually have the time for another roleplay first.
    Something suddenly comes up? Sure, it happens. Just let me know :)


    Send me a PM if interested!

    So! With that out of the way, I'm looking for:

    - Adults only. Sorry, just feels weird writing with someone that much younger.​

    - Can write a few paragraphs and all that. I would like to see a post example.

    - Posts at least a few times a week. If you get busy, I get it. Just plz let me know!

    - Can write all genders and sexualities. No 'only fxm here'. Nope!​

    - Someone I can plot together with. If you're not contributing with ideas and helping with moving the plot forward, I'll get bored quickly. ​

    - That won't hate me for the sille typos I make, thanks to English not being my first language ;)​

    - To write something fun with!!!
    Atm I have enough roleplays with a big plot and world building and all that, so I would love something more simple and relaxed. Something were I'm not expected to write long posts with descriptions and deep thoughts and all that, haha. Where we focus more on the characters and their relationship. It definitely doesn't have to be a boring story though, I love drama and action! But I also like just writing two or more characters who gets to know each other, and does all kind of crazy stuff. ​


    What you can expect from me:
    - Lots of crazy ideas. If there is any potential for drama, I'll probably be all inn. Love putting my characters in uncomfortable situations. Torturing them, you might say. ​
    - I'm up for most genres. Scifi and modern fantasy are the favorites though. Romance is always fun, but it's not a must, and I'm fine with some smut. ​
    - Fast at replying. I sit home all day, every day. So I'm pretty quick at replying if the roleplay is relaxed and simple, like I mentioned. If not, I might use a few days to think out a good reply with all the descriptions and stuff. ​
    - A few paragraphs. I love writing dialogues, and I don't always bother with writing long posts when two characters are just sitting and talking. No one liners though, don't worry.​
    - I'm always up for chatting OOC! ​

    Here are some things I like to give you a better idea, and a couple plots I would like to try. If you think we are a good match, pm me. Tell me your idea, or we can plot something together!

    Characters / Genres (open)

    Characters I would like to write:

    + Blind/deaf character
    + Any non binary character
    + Someone who can turn invisible
    + Shapeshifter
    + People with any supernatural powers
    + Photographer (so I for once can write something I actually know, haha)
    + S
    omeone norwegian (then we can have some language fun)
    + Untraditional vampire/werewolf/merman/whatever in a modern setting
    + Someone with memory loss (maybe one in a long term relationship)
    + (I can write "evil" characters, as long as they have a reason for doing the shit they do.)


    + Sci-fi (not that into aliens though)
    + Action and adventure
    + Dystopia
    + Fantasy, set in a modern world
    + Supernatural
    + Post-apocalypse
    + Science/research facility/human testing
    + Clones and weird things like that
    + Kidnapping
    + Out of the ordinary relationships, like polyamory

    Original Clone plot (open)

    The rich are spoiled and always looking for new ways to entertain themselves. The newest trend in this futuristic city is to get yourself cloned. Why? Why not! Character A is a clone. They are now finished with their training, were they have learned to act exactly like their original. Now they are finally leaving the clinic and meeting them for the first time, Character B.

    Clones don't have any rights, a dog have more rights than they do! No one cares about what people do with their clones, since they aren't real people. They don't have any feelings or wishes, and they just do what they are told. Some even claim they don't feel pain. None of this is of course true. They have feelings, they feel pain, and they actually have their own personality. They've just been trained to suppress them, and actually belive there is something wrong with them for feeling differently than they are "supposed to".

    Character A struggles more and more with suppressing their own feelings and desires, and eventually gets depressed. Eventually the original, character B, finds out about the clone's struggles. How will they deal with their clone turning out to be a completely different person? And how will the clone deal with living in a world were they'll never be looked at anything but a clone?

    Thoughts: It's the same for me what character I write, and what gender they are. The plot will first be about the clone getting to know the real world and struggling with finding their place, and then later dealing with his own conflicting feelings. I think there is a lot of potential for things that can happen here! Maybe some of the original's friends doesn't agree with them getting a clone? What if the clone falls in love with someone? And of course - lots of situations were the clone is mistaken for the original.

    Original Idea (open)

    This sounds a bit fluffy, but it's not supposed to be. And after writing it down, I realized that it's very similar to that Golden Compass-movie. It's slightly different though, and this is more of a grown up version.

    So, people have animal companies, but my idea is set in the modern world. Imagine New York City or whatever, with wolfs pooping in caf├ęs and bears making traffic jams. Fun, right? I don't remember if the animals in the movie could talk or not, but they can't here. They can only communicate with their companion through thoughts. Because I don't want to write talking animals :))

    I started a roleplay with this idea, but it got dropped pretty quickly. Now I'm hoping to find someone else were I can use the same character, because I got very fond of them.
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  2. I would like to try something with you.
  3. Still looking! Come on, guys. I'm really cool, just ask all my imaginere friends.
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