Looking for Long Term Role Play Partner

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  1. I'm new to all of this so bare with me. I'm looking for a role playing partner who may be interested in romance, violence, and drama. My genres expand from modern to down right strange. I have plots for the following genres if that helps;
    Guardian Angel x Guarded
    Ex x Ex
    Rival Band Member x Rival Band Member
    Creature x Human
    I'm up for most things. I usually role play over email unless it's different here. Like I asked, please bare with me. hahaha
  2. Sure, I'd love to! I'm up for a few of the suggested plots. :)
  3. Is there one in particular you'd like me to share? (:
  4. I really liked the Guardian Angel X Guarded idea (Supernatural has ruined me lol), so if you want to extrapolate on that, that'd be great!
  5. Guardian Angel x Protected

    We’ll call the Guardian Angel, Christina and the Protected, Reid.

    Christina is an angel with quite the mistakes on her head. Twice, those she was supposed to protect died though she had nothing to do with the cause. She’s an angel that nobody really cares if she existed in Heaven and some are even happy when she’s put to work. Reid is a boy in need of someone to watch over him. He’s one to get into trouble with the wrong people and dealing with close calls. Christina watches him closely but one night, Reid goes out drinking and walks home but nearly walks into the middle of a middle intersection. Christina saves him before he’s struck by a truck. She carries him to a rooftop and thinks about it for a moment before hitting him hard enough so he passes out. When he awakes, he remembers her face and that Monday, he goes to school, meeting her. Christina plays as a student to keep close to him but what happens when he wants to be with her and she knows that angels are not allowed to love?

    Any of my plots can change with gender and be shifted with any ideas we may come up with.
  6. I like the gender switch up; usually it's the other way around (I'm also open to same-gender pairings if that's your thing). Plot-wise, that sounds fine with me. Are we going university or high school?
  7. In all honesty, it can go either way when it comes down to high school or college. I can see more trouble brewing from college. I've never tried mxm with this one though I have been wanting to use a female guardian character. Honestly, if your preferences are the same as mine, we can work something out. (:
  8. I'm more partial to college, as the campus style setting is more open and I like the plot possibilities.

    Female guardian it is, then! Which character would you be portraying?
  9. I would prefer to play as the guardian if that's okay. If not, it's fine.
  10. It's cool with me. You ready to do this? :D
  11. Of course. Is this over here or email?
    Like I said, I'm new. x-X
  12. Well, you can open up a new thread specifically for the RP in this section of the forum if you'd like. :)
  13. No problem!
  14. If anyone else is interested, feel free to PM me or post here.