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  1. Partner Requirements:
    • First and Foremost, please be able to post longer posts please, about two paragraphs is the minimum.
    • Secondly, please be willing to play any gender and double up on characters, if necessary.
    • Thirdly, please contribute to the story, even add in your own twists and turns.
    • Fourthly, please tell me if you have any limits, whether that be with sex, gore, violence and drugs.
    • Lastly, please be 16+ or older and be literate.

    The Roleplaying Me:
    • I can post anywhere from one-six paragraphs.
    • I play any gender and willing to double up on characters.
    • If I add something to the story that you do not like, please tell me and I will change it accordingly.
    • I have absolutely no limits at all.
    • I am 20 years of age.
    • Also, in One-on-One roleplays, I do simple Character Sheets.

    Genres: ( I will do any kind, well almost kind, of pairing within these genres. )
    • Modern.
    • Medieval.
    • Futuristic.
    • Post Apocalyptic.
    • Fantasy.

    So please be interested, somebody. :)

    Also, my favorite historical roleplay to do is about this prisoner and slave plus it takes place in my favorite era, The Civil War. If you are up from trying that, I'll love you forever, probably til the end of time.
  2. Interested.

    I am sure I can fit with most of the criteria presented here although my posts might range to 1 to 2 paragraphs, not that long unless it is an opening post or something.
  3. As long as you give me something to respond to and not crap, you're okay with me. :D

    I'll PM you. :)
  4. I'd be interested in a fantasy/medieval roleplay if you're willing to have me~
  5. I would very much like to give your Civil War bit a try. I can write up to 2 to 4 paragraphs.
  6. I'd be iinterested in a medieval role play :)
  7. I am very interested in roleplaying with you. I can do and am interested and like roleplaying all of the genres you have put up there. If you are interested in a new partner, hit me up and we can make a plot


  8. If you're interested, I've been really craving a grit drenched Noir.

    Also posted something related to this request over here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/he4dja-k-ooc-and-interest-check.38237/ From the sound of it, (Especially the mention of long posts, doubling up on characters and playing multiple genders depending on scene, I think you'd might be a decent fit.) Doesn't have to be that plot specifically, but I am looking for good long term partners.

    Stuff about me:

    * I can post two to three times a week, but any more than that is going to get in the way of my workload
    * It's rare I post anything shorter than a page
    * I like pictures, media, font changes when specific and the like. I really enjoy using the Iwaku code to get the feel of the thing I'm going for right.
    * I'm an advocate of OOC communication to get the best direction from all parties involved in the creative process.
    * I can play any gender and am also willing to double up on characters
    * I have a thing for realism. Even if I'm dabbling in an out of the possible plot, I like to keep the feel as believable as I can (Especially in the realm of person to person dynamics)
    * My limits are practically non existent. In relation to sex however while I'm not opposed to having it in an RP, if it's not adding to the overall plot of the driving story I don't dabble. That's not even a mention of "I need build up", That's a "I like sexual content in plots to be directly important to the plot itself. If the plot can stand without the sex, the sex shouldn't be there". A perfect example of this would be the relationship dynamic that takes place in George Orwell's 1984.
    * Setting wise, there is nothing I can't work decently however I enjoy most: Westerns, Cyberpunk, Noir (Craving presently), Post Apocalyptic, thrillers or just about anything where I get to play an active representation of the psychological.

    If interested, shoot me a ring.
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