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  1. Hello lovelies ^_^ I'm on the hunt for a couple long term role players!


    1. No one liners.
    2. Decent Spelling and Grammar.
    3. Communication. Talk to me if your bored ECT.
    4. I do not RP with with people that are under the age of eighteen.

    About me:

    I'm twenty one year's old. I've been role playing for over six years now and really enjoy it. I'm also a gamer, anime and comic nut XP

    In rps I play either gender. Though in saying that it doesn't mean I always wish to play the male. I do MxF, MxM and FxF.

    Helpful chart:

    <3 means love to do
    * Craving
    # Possible plots

    Plots: (all real basic)

    Lost in time:
    Genre: Romance, fantasy, Sci-Fi, adventure, mystery
    Born in a lab long forgotten by others. Lost on a planet only desperate scavengers go. What happens when the lost experiment is found by a scavenger?.

    You don't know what my life is like!:
    Genre: Romance, comedy, supernatural.
    A happy cosplay couple been together for many years one day get into a fight in the middle of a passing circus. The next morning the two wake up in each others bodies. What Will they do?

    Not what it seems.
    Genres: Horror, romance, apocalyptic
    Aliens are among us, they have slowly seeped into our governments, our military... Now a ship has arrived and landed in Egypt.. The aliens invasion is about to begin.


    Demon x Shapeshifter
    Wolf x human
    Cosplayer x cosplayer
    Pirate x Mermaid
    Ninja x Samurai

    Fandoms (with some pairings):

    Naruto: <3
    Kakashi x Sakura *
    Sasuke x Naruto
    Itachi x Sasuke
    Naruto x Gaara *
    Hinata x Naruto*

    Samurai Camploo:
    Fuu x Jin*
    Mugen x OC
    Fuu x Mugen
    Jin x Oc

    Kingdom Hearts: <3
    Sora x Kairi
    Riku x Sora
    Kairi x Riku
    Roxas x Axel
    Terra x Aqua*
    Oc's are welcome.

    Legend Of Korra:
    Korra x Asami*
    Asami x Mako
    Oc's are welcome*

    Legend of Aang:
    Katara x Aang
    Zuko x Katara
    Toph x Souka*
    Oc's are welcome

    Bucky x Steve
    Thor x Jane
    Darcy x Loki
    Thor x Loki
    Natasha x Clint
    Tony x Loki
    Tony x Oc
    Steve x Tony
    Oc's are welcome

    Teen Titans:
    Raven x Beast Boy
    Raven x Robin
    Starfire x Robin
    Oc's are welcome

    Devil May Cry: <3 *
    Nero x Dante*
    Dante x Lady
    Vergil x Lady
    Dante x Vergil
    Oc's are welcome

    Witcher 3: <3*
    Geralt x Yennifer
    Geralt x Triss
    Ciri X Geralt
    Oc x oc

    Sons of Anarchy <3 *
    Kingsman <3
    Treasure Planet
    DuRaRaRa <3 <3
    Sengoku Basara
    The Darkness
    Jak Series (ps2)
    Fruits Basket
    Elfien Lied
    Dying Light
    Assassins Creed*

    There are so many more but I'm going off the top of my head lol

    That's it for now please post below or pm me ^^
  2. Hey there I'm digging your first idea, let me know if it's still available.
  3. Lost in time seems good.
  4. The witcher ideas seem fun and maybe teen titans with ocs or canons.
  5. It's still available hun please pm me ^_^

    Pm me? ^_^

    Awesome pm me? ^_^
  6. Do you role play canon/oc?
  7. I play both ^^
  8. I can do a Sons of Anarchy rp
  9. Awesome! Please pm me and we can set something up.
  10. I'd like to do fruits basket if that's ok
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