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  1. Hey there, I'm looking for a few long term roleplay partners. I have been searching before, but some people don't like to discuss plots with me, or makes me do all the plot discussing, so in lost interest in those people. Also those that seem like good partners but when something happens they dont like, they reject you. Anyways~ let's get started.

    A bit about me:
    - I do adapt to my partners responses, matching theirs, I also expect the same from my partner.
    - I'm okay with forceful love, or any kinks you might have in mind.
    - I do MxM, MxF, and FxF.
    - I'm up for discussing plots, and I'm pretty much up for anything.
    - I do like to chat about the roleplay with partners as we go along, thinking of ways we could make it interesting and move along.

    I only have one plot so far, but I will add more as I think of them.

    Murderer x Detective

    [Muse A] picked up the file case of [Muse B]. B was the Blue Murderer. Killing people all across the country. A was interested in B's case and took it on. Years they had fought indirectly towards each other. But the day finally came when they would meet, but not how A thought it out.
    A bank robbery happened that early December day. B was withdrawing some cash, when a group if gang members walked in to a Chicago bank. The same time A was just coming in to review another murder. The gang members fired their weapons. Everyone got down quickly, but B continued with their transaction, the teller nervously withdrawing their money. The gang members noticed them, and shit them in the shoulder. That only ticked B off. B pulls out a gun of their own, and a gun war falls out. B manages to kill the gang members, but is shot multiple times. B escapes out the backdoor at the sound of police sirens, but they leave the back door open accidentally. A finally arrives and searches the whole bank with their team, but it didn't take them long to notice the backdoor. A runs out and follows a trail of blood that was left behind, until they stumble across B, lying and bleeding out in the snow. A calls for backup, and an ambulance.
    The ambulance finally comes and takes B away to get the bullets out and stitch the wounds back up. A decides to follow, for when the doctors were done, they would ask B some questions.
    A gets a chance to talk to B where they find out B is the killer they were chasing after, but from B's mouth. Then, B kidnaps A. Making them act like they were taking B down to the station. B makes A get in, while they get to the passengers side, tending to their wounds. B threatens A if they don't drive to a certain location by two weeks, then B would kill A where they stand.
    What A doesn't know is that, B plans for A to kill them when the other police force comes to rescue them. Which would be hard for two people that start falling in love with each other on the journey.

    I would like to play muse B. I don't care what gender my character is.

    If you have any in mind, please let me know~
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  2. I would be in for it if you wanna do it in pm
  3. How so you feel about vampire/human or neko
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