Looking for Long-Term Partners (WW2, Victorian, Damsel)

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I really enjoy romance in my roleplays; however, I do prefer to work up to it using suspense, tragedy, and mystery. The majority of my roleplays also dive into the libertine section, though I don't prefer this to be the main genre or focus.
Hello! I am currently looking for some long-term partners to write great stories with. I'm on Iwaku most days, and would love a partner that is as active as I am!

  • Longer post lengths - minimum three paragraphs (7 sentences each, not 1-2 lines) but in big scenes, I can write up to 7-8.
  • Post at least once a day, although 2-3 times a day would be ideal. Of course there are exceptions but I hope to find someone that can follow this most days!
  • Willing to plot with me. I don't like being the only one generating ideas and moving the plot with me.
  • Will write in the default Iwaku font/colour. I have vision problems, and all those fancy colours may it difficult for me to read.
  • Will pay a male and other NPCs. I've tried playing male in the past, and it didn't work it. Straight couples only, please!
Plot ideas (most of these have a bigger plot behind them; just ask!):
  • Damsel in distress: this tends to be what most of my plots/characters follow. I could be a young woman running away from an abusive husband (she could also have a newborn baby with her), a very strict family, or even a woman caught up alone in the Second World War.
  • Native American Victorian romance: a half-Native American man is the illegitimate child of a white man and a Comache mother. For whatever reason we decide, he has to return to his four fully-white brothers. There, he meets a white woman - it can a brother's fiance or even a maid - and they begin to fall in love.
  • Oradour sur Glane (WW2): a young woman loses her husband in the massacre at Oradour, and being nearly eight months with her dead husband's baby, she had taken in by a kind French family. There, she meets a mysterious British soldier. He tries to distance himself, not wanting to hurt her when he gets deployed (or killed) from France, but soon their love blossoms.
  • Another WW2 or Victorian. Shoot me your plots if one isn't listed here. Anything 1800s and beyond is usually a go for me! :)
I hope to hear from you soon!
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