Looking for Long term Partners (Pairing Cravings Added) (New Plot added!)

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  1. Hello there. I am Shadow. Now I'm not that great on explaining things but I will try my best. Thank you in advance for stumbling across my thread.

    • Typical Roleplay rules apply
    • No making drastic changes to my characters
    • Do not get grumpy with me if I take a little while to respond. I have a life out side of this.
    • I do not preform or play around in smut. Though there are exceptions: Time skips/Skip scenes, There can be nudity but it can not be sexual nudity, and Sexual themes are perfectly fine. I am very lenient. I will allow everything and anything as long as there is no genital touching.
    What I'm Good at: I love world designing, story building, etc. I don't really use much plot when I start a story due to the fact I feel like it constricts on creativity heavily. But some times plot is very helpful. Just let me know before hand if you work better with or without plot. Of course I give the general idea I just don't limit it to just certain things.
    Genres I love: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Gore, Crime, Medieval, Victorian, Witch hunt Era (Late medieval), Supernatural, Steampunk, etc.
    Genres I hate: Furry and Smut~ That's really all I can think of.
    Triggers: I have none~ you can literally do anything and everything in my rps. Please please tell me if you don't like a certain thing. Some of my rps have aspects of Rape, Strip Clubs, Alcohol, Drugs, Illegal dealings, Murder, Torture, Abuse of Children/Women/Animals, Etc. Please tell me before hand. Cause things do not effect me. If you can get me to cringe I will applaud you heavily. Usually only visual things make me cringe.
    Things I will do: Play multiple characters, Make specific characters for your needs, Give faceclaims, Carry my part of the plot, Give you plot twists, Explore the aspects of the roleplay deeper, Give you 1-3 paragraphs (It just depends on what the roleplay calls for), and anything else I can think of.
    • VampireXRoyalVampire
    • WerewolfXWitch
    • DragonKinXFairy
    • TrollXWarlock
    • CyborgXMechanic
    • SoldierXEnemy
    • SpyXEnemySpy
    • GangLeaderXBusinessWoman
    • Idea#1 (open)
      (Setting: On Earth in WW3) (Genre: Sci-Fi/Steampunk/War) The rich and upper class had escaped to a planet that had been prepared many years before. The poor were left behind for the rich to watch. The poor and warriors fought like dogs in a cage. Disease, famine, drought, and radiation became more and more common. A little girl named Marianne Crossy was one of the very unlucky children who were born into this hell. She had been on her own ever since she was 6 years old and now at the age of 9 she is very independent. A boy named Bradly Walker was born into the same hell but with many advantages. His father was the leader of a gang that was made up of cannibals, rapists, savages, and hunters. They had very different lives but the same dream. To go to the big star where all the other people were. Where there was real food, where the animals were nicer, and where things made sense. Little Marianne was wandering the woods mid-day trying to find some thing, anything to help her along her journey. She ended up stepping on a wire and while the triggered blade missed her mostly due to her height it sliced her entire right arm open at the top. She went into shock instantly and heard whistles going off as the gang heard their trap go off. 11 year old Bradly was the first one to leave the camp due to him wanting to prove himself to his father. He left only with his gear bag and a dagger. He went to the trap and saw the blooded blade and followed the trail of blood to a nearby tree seeing Marianne crying with her eyes shut tight knowing if she focused on the wound too much she'd go into complete shock. Will he give her mercy?? Or will he take her back to the camp as another victim??
    • (Still adding more)

    I have many many characters, settings, and very original places to have a roleplay take place. So if you are at all interested I am here a lot. Message me here or Pm me.
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  2. @ShadowRoseWilliams ~ Ummm... Shadow-Sempai, I can't read any of your white text.... ( • ^ • ;)

  3. This is probably the setting you have as far as website theme--you're probably using a lighter theme like Daylight or Sunrise. On darker themes like Dusk and Midnight, the white text is pretty visible :)
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  4. @Munchkin ~ Aha! Your right! I had it on the sunrise setting, thank you very much!!!

  5. Now that you read it are you interested? ~
  6. @ShadowRoseWilliams
    Well hello!
    All the genres you expressed an interest in are very similar to what I am interested in as well. I think your writing style and how you execute the details of your plots will work well with my writing style too. I agree to a T with your rules and am not really a fan of smut or furry plotlines either. I am able to play multiple characters and I am on here on and off at least every other day, so I think it could work!
    So, let me know what you think!
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  7. I'm looking for as many partners as possible so again if anyone is interested just comment or pm me! ^-^
  8. I may have some ideas that may interest you.
  9. Still looking~
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