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  1. Hi I am Bunny! Or you can call me BunBun, either way that is not the important thing. The important thing is we are both searching for roleplay partners. So I am going to tell you a few things about myself so you can see if I'm right for you.

    My post size ranges from one too possibly three paragraphs, though I generally average at two if thats whats being given to me. I can of course learn to do more, if you give me more I will push myself to meet your amount. That being said there may also be times where I just do not know how to respond with two or three paragraphs or even one. So you may also see small half paragraphs. A sad truth I must say.

    I can play male or female. Recently I have been playing males a lot so please someone let me not be the male? In fxf and mxm unless you specify other wise I will most likely be the dominant. Though I will admit I would prefer not to be.

    I would love if these could all have some sort of romance! I prefer to not do fandoms!


    Mage apprenticexMage/Mage apprentice
    Monster x Ghost (I would prefer to be the ghost)

    Gang leader x Cop or loner
    Goody two shoes X rebel
    Cat neko X dog neko
    Vampire x witch/werewolf/ghost
    CEOx Ranch owner
    BossX Employee
    Adopted sibling X adopted sibling
    Mentally ill X Kind soul
    Beastx human
    Big bad wolf X red/ mad hatter/ beast/ Chesire
    Mad hatterx Alice/ Alex/ Chesire

    If you have any ideas please tell me!
  2. I'm curious about what you mean by 'cat neko/dog neko?' Neko is cat in Japanese, so by cat neko I assume you mean a four-legged, furry, not anthro cat. What is a dog-cat, though?
  3. It would be a hybrid of both cat and dog.
  4. Mentally ill X kind soul and slave X master look cool. Send me details!
  5. What kind of details are you looking for?
  6. Like plots and stuff
  7. I like the adopted sibling x adopted sibling idea! Shoot me a pm if you want to~
  8. -Big bad wolf X red/ mad hatter/ beast/ Chesire

    -Mad hatterx Alice/ Alex/ Chesire

    I'd love to do an MxM with you for either of these.

    With me as Cheshire.
  9. Pm me please?
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Not open for further replies.