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Dear Sir, or Madam you have either clicked upon my post out of curiosity or maybe just cuz. Either way it doesn't matter because your here now. My Name is Shitsuji-Carty, but most just call me Carty, im a male, dont really have a gender i prefer to play. I would prefer 18+ partners, just to keep by the rules and such. As for post length or grammar i am not too picky about it as long as you are putting in some effort to be part of the story rather than just along for the ride. Normally i post a paragraph or two depending on what is happening in the RP, but can post more to match my partners length if need be. I dont mind having a story about two deep friends, or lovers, or whatever, but i prefer to keep the relationships straight if there is one. I am pretty open about what genre to play, fantasy, modern, slice of life, Crime drama, supernatural, post destruction of the world, etc. Please PM me if you are interested I like to work out some details before jumping right in, i don't mind adding or changing things to my plots such as making a character a different race, or adding supernatural powers.

Plot Ideas:

1. Noble retreat:
The Westcor Family has been ruling over the country of Bimini for many centuries, for most of that time they had ruled like tryants striving the people and working them to the bone to pay for their own luxuries. Almost all the people whom they ruled over hated them, and after being ruled like that for so long they decided they couldn't take it any longer. On one stormy night the people of Core city decided to take up arms and storm the castle, the royal family thought themselves safe inside their castle walls but that would soon change as the guards gave way to the peoples demands. the enraged people would then storm the castle and take almost all of the royal family to their execution, the only to escape would be the crown prince. He would manage to slip out during the commotion and run away to a nearby forest where his fate would soon find him, whether that be another person or something worse, all he would have with him would be a small weapon and his dreams of retaking his kingdom.

2. Dead Police:
Earth has been reduced to a land of the walking dead, only one human settlement remains on an island that is quickly losing its people to the natural elements of the earth. Luckly a few scientists and military personel were stashed away on the island and managed to develop a cure for zombieism, in a limited amount. It is now your job to go out to the mainland and find more supplies for the cure as well as important people to replace the ones lost on the island.

3. Blinding Weather
In a world where science and magic co-exist, the two were always trying to find ways to one up the other, at first it seemed like a fair fight, but as more and more modern coviences came out people stopped relying on and using magic. In modern society Magic has all but been forgotten but the people who care more for the hustle and busle of their daily lives and making money. That is all but true for most people besides one Blind man, having always grown up hearing tales of the wonders of magic this man put all his time and effort into becoming something that uses it. Though he would soon find out that the real world had no use for magic anymore and he would have to turn his efforts elsewhere. Unwilling to give up his dream of using magic for a profession, the blind man soon found himself as a wondering street preforming. From there the other players character could come in as a bystander or someone who tries to take advantage of the boys magic.

If none of these ideas interest you, i'd gladly work on a plot with you involving something else. for example here are some pairings i can think of off the top of my head.
Prince X Maid
Two Best Friends
Famous person X normal person
Man X Witch
Man X Monster Girl
Rich Man X poor women
Dectective X Person of Interest
Rival Business members
General X princess

Im open to play with any of the pairings in order to make it more enjoyable for both of us. I typically post in the mornings between 8am- 1 or 2pm EDT and am free on the weekends usual. I try to begin with a long intro say 5+ paragraphs and after that i will fall into a comfortable one or two paragraphs depending on how much detail is needed. if there is more or less i am usually willing to match my partner unless they start doing one liners. If you make it this far and want to start something up, send me a PM and we can work out the rest. i have no problem talking OOC over discord or kik if people prefer. but when it comes to RPing i would like to do it in a thread here.


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Hi there! Quick question: how often do you prefer your partner posts?

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The plot for noble retreat is quite interesting, I wouldn't mind giving it a swing if you'd have me.


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@Bashful Pretzel
I prefer my partners to reply at least every other day but i understand if people get busy.

@Dakota K5
That plot is still open, PM me if you wanna work out some more details.


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I see. I'll be a very bad match for you, unfortunately. Cause I'm sloooooooooooow and I don't want to abuse others' patience. Hahaha

Anyway, thanks for answering my question. Good luck on your RP hunt. :]