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  1. Dear Sir, or Madam you have either clicked upon my post out of curiosity or maybe just cuz. Either way it doesn't matter because your here now. My Name is Shitsuji-Carty, but most just call me Carty, im a male, dont really have a gender i prefer to play. I would prefer 18+ partners, just to keep by the rules and such. As for post length or grammar i am not too picky about it as long as you are putting in some effort to be part of the story rather than just along for the ride. Normally i post a paragraph or two depending on what is happening in the RP. i dont mind having a story about two deep friends, or lovers, or whatever, but i prefer to keep the relationships straight if there is one. I am pretty open about what genre to play, fantasy, modern, drama, post destruction of the world......yeah and please PM me if you are interested.

    Onto the plot ideas.
    1. What lies in the Dust: Two strangers wake up next to each other after an unfortunate event caused the worlds plates to shift and earthquakes to destroy most of human society. The two awake in the town they once lived in only to find most everything gone and the streets they once lived on covered with dust and debris. Everything that had happened had changed the world causing almost a permanent dust cloud in any large cities, only people in sky scrappers would be able to see above the clouds. Thus the world's food has been thrown out of wack and many people are fighting to get their everyday needs. The two characters remember something important about the cause of the incident and are forced to leave their home to find the answers they seek.

    2. The Fallen Heir: On a dark and Stormy night, the people were gathering pitchforks and touches, as they had enough of the sick rule of the Peon Family. the Mob charged right up the ruling Families home and quickly stormed in before they began to kill everyone and set the home ablaze. the Prince at the time was Hiding while he watched his family and siblings get murdered, He managed to escape the home with only a few small burns, before being cornered by a man and forced to kill him. after the fight he escaped to a nearby town's Wheat fields where he collapsed and would met his end unless otherwise helped.

    3. A man and his Dog: In the crowded City of Blahblash (random name) lived a very unique man, he was often spotted at dog parks, but every time he came to one he seemed to have a different dog. People were curious as to why and he would simply tell them because he was a dog walker for people. Though he had been doing this for many years. normally people wouldn't bat an eye at someone walking their dog, but this man was always seen with gursome looking dogs. some were missing body parts like an ear, or a leg, while others seemed unnaturally obedient. Some People are to scared to think about it while others are fascinated by it, one person in particular.

    Here are some Pairings as well in case the plots do not interest you.
    Prince X Maid
    Princess X Servant
    Two best friends
    Famous boy X normal girl
    CEO X assistant/secretary
    Dectective X Victim

    If you make it all the way to the end and cant find anything that sounds fun to you but still wanna give me a try, PM me your thoughts, i'd be happy to change around anything to make the RP more fun for the both of us. Thanks a bunch!
  2. -raises hand slowly- I might be interested in starting something with you. I'll PM you!
  3. -drops in- Oh hi you have quiet the list I would like to start something with you ask well of course I will PM you about it .
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