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  1. Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been around, but would like to get back into role playing yet again. So! I'm looking for a few partners to RP with. I would prefer male partners, as I do enjoy some romance hinted through my stories, but do not let that shy you away!
    I do modern, fantasy, medieval, some sort of combination of the three. It's the areas I am good at, so lets keep it that way. Also, I play in third person. I have a few ideas and characters in mind that I've been itching to trying out lately, so if you're interested, please let me know!
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  2. Still looking for at least two more partners! Throw some ideas at me if you have them, would love to hear! I do have pre-made characters I could use if you want to see, otherwise I am more than happy to make up an OC for the story. PM me or comment here.
  3. I have some OCS and plots in mind for fantasy and medieval genres.
  4. For the moment, I think I am full up on what I can hande. If anything dies off or I have some amazing plot conjure up, I'll open up again for some new partners. Thank you everyone :)
  5. Okay, I am seeking one more partner, male, to possibly do a role play I have conjured up! I will explain in further detail in a PM if interested. I will give you a hint, think Beauty and the Beast, just with a more modern touch.
  6. Okay, I've had to drop out of a few RPs I was doing, and well, obviously that means I have extra time to pick up on two more if anyone is interested. I am not extremely picky, but I do prefer paragraphs at the least. 2 to 3 somewhat lengthy ones, several shorter ones, just give me something to respond to and I will do my very best to do the same.

    Spelling and grammar doesn't have to be perfect, because I am human and I know mine isn't either, but if you show me you've put effort into it, then I won't say much. But please, again, put some effort into it and do your best and you can expect the same for me.

    I am looking for long-term partners. I hate getting several posts or pages in, and then something happens and it just stops. I don't expect a reply every single day because I know life outside can get hectic. If you know you'll be away, please let me know at least so I don't think you abandoned me and I will be sure to do the same. I am open to ideas, I have a few of my own as well as well as several OCs I've created over the years.

    So, let me know or message me ^.^
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