Looking for Loki. Willing to double.

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  1. I'm looking for someone to play Loki for me in a romantic Loki/oc role play.
    I myself have only seen The Avengers and both Thor films, so, I'm not an expert, and I'm not asking for one.
    What I am asking for is someone who's at least seen one of those films, or possibly read the comics, and can fill my other requirements:

    1- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    2- Be active, and if possible, reply more than once a day.
    3- Show me a sample of your writing.
    4- Keep in contact. Let me know if you need to quit, or take a break, or even if you want to quit.

    As for post length, minimum is 2 paragraphs.
    I post from 2-6 usually.

    I've got a plot already as well:

    My oc, Odessa Morien, is the princess of Morgul.
    She's been engaged to Thor since they were both children.
    Odessa spent every Summer on Asgard since she was ten, so she knows the planet, and family, very well.
    Although she cares for Thor, she's not sure if it's as a friend, or as a husband, but it's her duty to marry him, so she says nothing.
    Thor, on the other hand, loves her as a wife, and is excited to be married to her.

    On the day she arrives on Asgard, which is only a few days from their wedding day, during a walk, Thor falls, or is attacked, depending on what you like, and goes into a coma.
    While he's in a coma, Loki and Odessa become close, and eventually, fall in love.
    But Thor wakes up soon after this, and Odessa has to decide between true love, or duty.
    I'm willing to double as anyone from The Avengers and Thor, also.
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  2. Hmm....never thought about playing Loki! Tell you what, I'll give this a shot!
  3. Okay, thanks!
    Could you show me a sample of your writing please?
    (It can be only a paragraph, if you like)
  4. Sure. Give me a sec to get off this phone.
  5. Here is a sample:
    The god moved along the golden streets, his hands clenched. His eyes scanned over the bright sky and town, watching it with a close eye. His deep blue eyes were piercing, holding in everything and yet not letting one singly thing stick within his mind. He wore a smiple green tunic, letting it flow a bit in the simple breeze. During these days in Asergard, it was hot, heavy, and dreary.
    The man, or god, as he wished, was getting away form his troubles. His brother had fallen ill, or been wounded he knew not which. He wanted for Thor to get up, be alright, be with him again, but he was folly to think that. He clutched a handrail overlooking the small ocean that spanned around the city. Times like these, he nomrally would be waiting for Thor.
  6. In the actual rp, will you refer to him as Loki? I'd rather have that than the God.
  7. Yes, I will do that. Sound good? Am I good enough?
  8. If you go start the thread I'll get ready!
  9. Okay, I'll start it soon.
  10. Okay.
  11. Where should I post it?
    One x One, or Mature Adult Role play?
  12. One x one. I'm teen.