Looking For Libertine Partners! (F or M) {Always Looking}

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  1. Hello, I am certainly looking for a one x one libertine partner. Well, several. I'll always be open for new partners.
    The plots I'm interested in are: (the more stars, the more I want to do use that one. The italicized character is the one I'd like to do)

    I'm up for anything and I have no boundaries. ^^

    I usually play female.
    I do MxF and sometimes FxF.

    • Kidnapper x Kidnappee ***

    • Wolf x Human

    • Vampire x Human

    • Fire Element x Water/Ice Element *

    • Murder x Innocent Human **

    • Master x Slave

    • Popular x Outcast (alternative) **

    Hoping to meet some new RPers~! ^.^
  2. Hey what were you thinking for kidnapper and kindnappee and the popular and outcast?
    I think both are pretty interesting thoughts we can play on.
  3. Well, for the Kidnapper and Kidnappee, I was think of me playing a role of some innocent girl and you be sort of my stalker, I guess you could say. And you finally Kidnap me, taking me as you 'own' as you would say. Pretty much, you can add anymore details if you'd like, that's just what I was going to go off of.

    And for the Popular and outcast, I would be a so called popular girl and you would be an outcast, such as an alternative badboy/girl and we would fall for each other, all that stuff. ^^ Either one is great for me, I love both so.
  4. i am kind of feeling both idea's
    Pm me which one you want to do first,
    and it's a go
  5. Sweet! Will do.

    And for anyone else, I'm still open for more. ^.^
  6. Willing to give this a shot
  7. Awesome, I''l PM you. ouo
  8. Hello, I was wondering about the wolf and the human. Do you mean a werewolf?
  9. Yeah, that's what I pretty much meant XD.
  10. Ahh alright XD I was wondering about that. Did you have a plot in mind?
  11. Not really, I have an open mind to anything. We can talk about it through PM ^^
  12. Alright, sending one to you X3
  13. I was wondering if you would be interested in a yuri Mistress slave godmother turned stepmother, goddaughter turned stepdaughter role play?
  14. Oo~ ..... The Mistress x Slave one is interesting, I like that one. x3
  15. Please PM me for more details.
  16. PopularxOutcast? Along with the Popular girl being Vampire? Possibly?
  17. I'll PM you both. ^^
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