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  1. Hello everyone [:

    Before getting started, I'd just like to let you know that I am not the fastest replier. I may only get in one to a few a week depending on how busy I get. I don't have any preference for how long your reply is; just give me something to work with. The only thing to consider is that the longer your replies are, the longer mine will take. I'm probably one of the most patient partners you'll ever meet - probably because I need a super patient partner as well. Seriously. I roleplay with partners that sometimes take a month or two or more before replying. If you need to drop a RP or just put it on pause, that's completely fine. I don't take it personally and I won't be mad - just be upfront with me. Aaand I'll need someone who can help me drive the plot. I get brain farts a lot and that tends to make my roleplays have a stalemate.

    If I haven't turned you off yet, let's get rollin' to the good part!

    As for pairings in RPs, I mainly play MxM and FxM. I've dabbled in FxF but it was just kind of boring to me, idk.

    What I'm really, really craving right now is.... well, I've been hankering for a DA:I Solavellan roleplay for some time now. Because I'm not able to play Trespasser, I've been trying to make up for it in other ways (like this and, namely, reading fics lol). I'm requesting that you play Solas (sticking to his character, of course) as mine would be Inquisitor Lavellan. I really only see us playing out the game, probably having many/most of the canon conversations, but not in the same boring spot over and over like it is in the game. I don't know how else we could really go about it, but if you think you can win me over with your idea please share! But seriously, if you take this on, I will love you 5ever.

    Sex can or can not happen/be written in any plot. I respect whatever you're comfortable with, and because I'm open to sex, I have also posted this thread in libertine.

    Other things I'm interested in playing:

    Something fantasy with tons of races and magic and fun lore. Obviously it won't be that complex (I don't have any real plans), but I don't want to be restricted to... idk, I guess you could say traditional fantasy? For example, if I find an awesome illustration of some crazy cool creature/god(des)/whatever, I want to be able to bring that in the story without worrying about if it exists or not. I just want to be happily creative :D Of course, if we decide to stick a specific setting, I'm not going to bring in something random without consulting you first. Please have ideas in mind if you message me for this.

    Very powerful man x foreign lady. I think I prefer to play the foreign lady this time. Basically, my character is sent off to be married to a neighboring king, but is shipwrecked and ends up in a different land where some servants of your character find my character. They take my character in out of the kindness of their hearts, letting her stay at your character's home. Your character is very powerful, whether he's a king, prince, noble, underworld lord, etc. I'm thinking he becomes infatuated with her upon sight, but the language barrier between them is very difficult to overcome. Really interested in this.

    Pirate x (oracle) priestess. I'd be playing the priestess. Perhaps the pirate abducts her or she's forced to go with him on a journey for some reason. Maybe some wealthy aristocrat pays the pirate to bring her to him? Really interested in this.

    LoK/A:TLA world. Always loved the series and the idea behind bending.

    Asexual dude x Accidental summoned incubus.

    We could probably merge a couple of these together, if ya'll wanted. Just reply here or message me. [:
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  2. Hello! I'm up for:

    Something fantasy with tons of races and magic and fun lore or something else in the realm of Dragon Age.
  3. @AceSorcerer Okay! Do you have any plots/ideas in mind? And as for Dragon Age, I've only played Inquisition, so I know only like the very basics of the previous two games.
  4. We could do the fantasy plot with tons of races.
  5. Somewhat updated. Still looking.
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