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  1. So hi guys!

    I just recently joined Iwaku and now I'm looking for a couple of groups that I can join to start roleplaying. I'm new to the whole board so you might have to coach me through it all (I'm sorry :c), but I've been roleplaying for seven years now, so I should be okay on that front.

    I don't mind what sort of invites I get, though I'm most interested in roleplaying modern, modern fantasy, romance, adventure-y sort of genres.

    What I don't like though is: one liners, fanfiction or spin offs of books or movies (so basically I would rather rp in an original world setting), lots of incorrect grammar and punctuation, and instant romance.

    Other than those I listed above, please throw any open groups at me!

    Thank you!
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  2. Let's see what I host...

    ... mostly fandom-themed... I have one fully original RP, but it is of a medieval Oriental setting. How does that settle?
  3. @Crow
    I would be super interested in your Original RP!
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  4. @Sav

    thank you for the welcome! And I'll definitely check it out!
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  5. Are you still seeking?
  6. Do you like dragons?

    I'm looking for a couple more players to join up. We're just getting started (as I hit a few RT bumps that forced me out for a while), so if you're looking for a 100% unique RP, perhaps this can be what you're looking for. That is...if you like dragons. You can take a look and PM me if you're interested. ^^

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Mercy of Inhalla ~ Dragon Riders of Kabola | IwakuRoleplay.com
Thread Status:
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