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  1. Well, as things for me are beginning to get more and more busy I am slowly turning away from the Group Rping to try and focus in on the OnexOne Rp's since most of the Groups are now beginning to Die out.

    I am looking for a Long Term RP partner that can post Atleast a paragraph and a half. I have been looking for a person who can equally match my posts if they are long or short. Give me a writing style and I can easily do massive posts atleast three times a week.

    This is to show I am capable of matching Higher-End posters.
    I don't expect to post like this but I am able to. (open)

    Sierra stood within her room as she looked out her window like the beginning of every day she spent at home. Unlike most of the past few days today was the day she planned on setting out on her most distant trip. She had spent the last few days smuggling what food she could into her room that was preserved enough to be kept fresh. After her recent outings her father had gotten curious and rather upset. She tried to give as little a sign of what was to come that she could. In doing so she kept everything she did under wraps. It was now that she had everything that she needed. To her the cold was a closer friend than anyone she had met as of yet.

    As the day reach mid-way she retreated back up to her room and got everything she had gathered ready for the trip. The trip was to span nearly two weeks of running and survival of the highest degree. She knew that she would be alone the entire time and had been training herself to do this for nearly an entire year. Her mastery of the elements had made this entire trip possible. If it wasn’t for her experimentation she would never had gotten close to this point. Everything and especially her survival depended on her ability to shape the weather to fit her needs and to carve a path through the snow and ice that lay between her and her trip.

    Sierra had always read about the prison up north but thought of it as a myth. No one had told her anything and it began to eat away at her. She decided to take it into her own hands and figure it out for herself. It was during this trip to the far north that she would figure it all out. She wanted to know what it looked like and why it was located there. No doubt she wouldn’t be allowed in as she didn’t want to let the guards know who she was as her father was extradite her immediately once word reached him. To him she was a fragile thin girl who rarely talked…. But a daughter none the less.

    The journey began as she trekked her way across the entire Ice Citadel that she called home during her times spent there. She reached the Inner Halls of the castle and instantly wrapped the scarf around herself. She wore the jacket she normally wore during her outings but a different color. This time it was full of White Wolf Fur to help her blend into the wastes. To those looking at her she looked like a white angel with her white hair, Boots, Pants and jacket. Only her eyes and Caucasian skin could be determined. Her light blue eyes stared out like orbs piercing into the shadows, studying and trying to realize what was within.

    Passing through the main Hall she reached the Doors as a Guard looked down at her. She looked up and the man nodded. The Palace Guards knew what she was doing but as an adventurous individual they knew they wouldn’t be able to stop her and definitely wouldn’t be able to catch her if she reached the snow. In the end they came to the conclusion that they would tell the king when she left and just let her go. Some tried but ultimately failed to keep her from going out. It was an inevitability that they all came to accept.

    She pushed open the doors and took a deep breath of the fresh air as it rushed past her. She was free of the chains that held her within the citadel. No longer watched and no longer held down so her potential was repressed. She could speak up about it but didn’t know how to approach the matter. In the end she just decided that the extreme avenues had to be taken for her to be set free. Now out in the city she quickly took the coins she had on her and went to the Citadel Stables. She let out a sharp whistle causing a rustling to be heard. Out of a Pen she made came a large white wolf nearly the size of her. She began to giggle “Awh… Did you miss me! Come on! We are going out again.” She said as the massive Wolf nudged her. She nudged it back making it growl low.

    By the time the first nights sun had set Sierra had put a reasonable distance between herself and the City. She knew she wouldn’t be found by now as she knew her father was looking for her. She was on the back of the massive wolf as it galloped across the open ground. She was reaching the end of the magically controlled area where the harsh weather would begin. It was about to begin, the longest journey she had done by herself. She didn’t know if she would survive but knew that she had to do it and in the end would come out stronger if she came out alive. She had never tested her control of the weather before this point but read of her Ancestors control of the weather. She understood Elemental Water and its many formed but weather had eluded her.

    Night of the first day fell leaving her alone in the tundra outside of the Weather Controlled Zone. To her the cold felt like normal weather. She and her family had a high tolerance for everything but the most extreme levels of cold. She dismounted the giant wolf and quickly patted it on the head as she walked towards a cave where she would take refuge for the night. She wasn’t unaccustomed to the dark and wetness of the caves but in the cold they were dry but still warm. She laid her backpack onto the ground as the Wolf laid next to her. She rested herself against it after feeding it some of the meat she brought. Within ten minutes she was asleep and her first day ended.

    The same pattern repeated itself over the next week before she found herself on a large rock face overlooking the prison far in the distance. By her side was her Wolf with its fur covered in blood from a kill it took several hours before. It was the first fresh meat it had eaten in nearly an hour. She knew the wolf had needed the meat after the amount of ground they had covered in the past few days.

    With the prison now in her sights she gazed out and took it all in. Finally, she had reached the place she had read and heard rumors about. The Super Max Prison where those that the Iqwah thought needed to be separated would be placed. It was then as she basked in the beauty of her accomplishment that she saw fires begin to erupt within the prison. She tilted her head and began to narrow her eyes. Through the snow she could barely make out what was going on and within seconds with the storm picking up her visibility was cut to only a few feet.

    Taking matters into her own hand she looked to her Wolf that seemed to understand how she was feeling. It lowered its head and she swung herself back up and onto it. She immediately tapped its sides and it was off and back down the rock face the way she had gone up it. Within an hour she was out on the Wastes that were in front of the prison. The fires now could easily be seen as towering infernos within the Citadel sized Facility that rivaled the castle she called home. The noise of yelled was barely audible over the howling winds but it still reached her ears.

    The noise of yelling began to pick up even more as she reached the outskirts of the outer perimeter. She knew that something was wrong immediately by the fires growing steadily closer to where she was. The outer perimeter was no longer manned and the noise of yelling grew ever louder. Her curiosity and perhaps a bit of her Naive attitude guided herself forward despite the obvious danger.

    Now within the perimeter she was the sheer magnitude of what was erupting in front of her. Guards lay dead with people wielding their weapons killing people all around her. She wasn’t new to violence but even so it was still something she was never directly exposed to. To see people cut down in front of her was something she never wanted nor expected to see.

    The beautiful serenity she knew as snow was no longer pure. It was now tainted red with the blood of those slain and full of justice. Immediately she felt her fists clench and felt something shoot up her. It was an emotion she rarely felt as she never hated anything or anyone in her life except for a person who refused to listen to her when she actually tried to talk when she was younger. That event flashed in her mind and caused more emotional disturbance inside of her.

    She dismounted the wolf and waved it away as she walked towards the growing breach in the prison. The last of the guards forming a Forlorn defense to try to buy time as a message was dispatched. No doubt she knew that they would fall in mere hours as they fought a battle of loyalty to the last man. Not a single one ran or left. They remained loyal to her father and her family even to their death. That one thing made pride surge through her as she found herself breaking to a sprint.

    It was almost as if instinct began to take out. “Through the Wind and howling fright!” She began to sing as she lifted her hands up. The corrupted snow began to rise up as she began to control it. “The light remains forever a night.” She continued as the red blood began to stream out to form red Icicles. The Icicles controlled by her Left hand “Drowned in the shadow seeking the light.” she sang as the snow controlled by her right hand began to form into a massive wall of spikes. “Forever strong is our resolve!” She continued almost in a Hymn like nature. The wall of Ice Spikes rose above the guards making them look up. Immediately the Prisoners began to turn and run screaming.

    “As Darkness wanes! Our light returns!” She picked up on a second Verse. The blood Spikes of the fallen guards shot out first as she threw her left hand forward with her fingers extended. “Our Bulwark of Light, strong in heart breathes anew!” She continues to sing. Her voice carrying about the noise of the screaming. The ice spikes passing through the bodies of the prisoners like a hot knife through butter. Their bodies being pierced and even at times being split in half. “United we stand! Divided we fall!” She finished.

    The guards rallied by the massive show of force began to rally from their rag tag outter defenses to form up in a phalanx formation. Sierra still hidden by the snow began stride forward. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath of cold air. She exhaled causing a ball of ice to form in the air. The ball being held aloft by the motions of her left hand which now was free of the Blood Ice. She then had it fly up into the air and remain them before spinning her wrist around causing it to shatter into thousands of small pieces. She caused it to shoot out in all directions except for down where she and the guards stood. The noise of screaming echoed as those prisoners that took it upon themselves to take advantage of the situation fell. Of the Prisoners remaining the broke into a full-fledged route.

    The Guards began a slow stride forward. Almost like a well-controlled and formed avalanche they fell over the remaining prisoners. With her job finished she immediately looked to the fires breaking out everywhere. She took another deep breath and raised both hands into the air. She began to move them around in an almost instinctual pattern. To those looking it would look like a Maestro Conducting an orchestra. The moment she began the howling winds seemed to begin to die down considerably.

    Her mind began to swim with beautiful music. She closed her eyes and pictured herself standing atop a mountain to calm her mind. Within several moments she found herself opening her mouth. She began to sing once more as the wind began to swirl at the motions of her hands. All of the Guards turned at the snow disappearing to finally see her standing there. Her figure showed to them but no distinct features. Only the white hair and clothes could be see and barely made out. To the guards whose lives were saved it was almost as if it was divine intervention.

    Now with her mind calmed she began to swirl the wind around before raising the temperature of the air above them. The first rain drop hit her face causing her to shiver slightly. She was actually doing it! She never thought she was able to do it but in that moment she knew that the prison depended on her success. She drove herself to this length and pushed herself to her up most limits. In the end it paid off as rain began to fall all across the prison. The fires began to go out and within three minutes the fires died off and the rain stopped. Before the guards had a chance to thank her she had turned and quickly ran off.

    She wanted to stay but already meddled into things she knew would get her into more trouble than she already was. So, before any of them had a chance to see her completely she ran out of the outer breach and into the wastes once more. Several guards tried to catch up to her but the weather was beginning to return to normal and visibility once again dropped to only a few feet causing them to return to their original places or risk being lost.

    Finally free of their sight she saw her wolf bound over to her through the snow and lowered its head once more for her. She swung herself onto its back before glancing over her shoulder. She tapped the wolf’s side with her foot and it immediately took off. She lowered her head up to the wolf’s neck and yawned. She was exhausted from her experience. She did something she never did before but now she knew how to bring it up from within her.

    The next few days were easier than the first few. Now knowing how to change the weather patterns she made the route easier and sped up her arrival back home by nearly two days. When she stopped at the stables she was covered in dried blood from the kill her wolf made earlier in the week and dirty from the entire trip. Only the slight glance of the guards made her laugh on the inside. She had to look like sight to behold. The princess had returned and no longer so ‘Innocent’ in their eyes.

    She knew her father would get word within the hour so she had to act fast. She hid her wolf away again but now that the guards had seen it she knew she would have to explain it to them all. It was something easier to explain that what had just happened. She would of course bend the truth and say she went out hunting as she was never let out on her own to purposely extend her boundaries. That was what she would go with after all.

    Within the next hour she found herself changed and slightly washed up to make sure she didn't look like she crawled out of a blood bathe. She waited for what she knew would be an interesting next few days of careful watch and scolding. In the end she didn't care at all as she got what she wanted. She experienced something and saw something that many people never would see or experience. On top of all that she conquered nature’s wrath and assisted those who would have died without her aid. No doubt the rumor would spread and she would hear of it soon….. But who knows what’s out there… they couldn't possibly trace it to her… could they?

    That being said I have a massive amount of Fandom, Original Plot ideas and several of the normal run ideas in mind.

    High Lighted in blue already has a decent plot and that I really wish to do.

    With that....
    Steampunk Era-Victoria London
    Hunter/Hunted -None Animal type
    Super Hero/Super Villain -Teenagers
    Zombie Survival -I have a good plot idea about this one I am cooking up. This will involve Genetic Mutations within the survivors. It will be interesting to say the least but it will be disturbing and Graphic in nature. Zombies aren't beautiful creatures.... just interesting.

    PM me about any other ideas you wish to try out. I am very adaptable when it comes to things. Pour your ideas out at me and we can pick it apart to something we can both enjoy... although I haven't really run into one I haven't enjoyed as of yet.

    Any type of Fantasy style Rp. (I have DND 5th Edition books to help us with certain aspects if we get stuck. I plan on excluding guns and rifles, Flintlocks, Clockworks, Cannons, ETC)

    Attack on Titan
    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Star Gate -ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE- Kurt Russel One
    Doctor Who -I love Doctor Who.
    Warhammer 40K- I have an Eldar Army.... Don't judge me I love 40K... its so expansive and I can REALLY build somthing off this. It can be IG, Tau, Chaos, Rouge Trader, Mercenary... etc.... But yes.

    Talk to me about a Fandom you wish to try and I will see if I know anything about it or if I can learn anything about it. I have seen a lot of movies and have played my fair share of games.

    PM me about Anime Fandoms.. Slowly coming out of that aspect but I am still up for some.

    My thought up ideas turning slowly in a book.

    Kingdom Skies-
    Plot outline!

    Two different worlds every 2500 years coming into contact with each other. It is not a cataclysmic explosion but a void phasing as the worlds conjoin for six hundred years before splitting once again. This will follow my Main character -Darian Sky and a partner of whomever. I don't plan on following the book as that isn't any fun but I know where I could have steered differently and I want to try it out. This universe is beyond massive and will be a Work in Progress between the two of us. This is just a unbelievably small aspect of that entire universe I constructed. To be honest it doesn't even have the meat and beans of what makes it up. It just shows what is happening.

    Biggest Want- Kingdom Hearts RP
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  2. I would like to look into a superhero/villain rp with you, or the angel/demon.

    PM me if you would like to discuss it. ^_^
  3. Still searching for more.
  4. Steampunk? Can it be kind of a (pet)humanx(master)neko? Kind of in a world where humans gain immortality but as a cost to being pets to Neko's? Doctor Who-ish style with it also?
  5. Perhaps a fandom involving Disney? like the lion king (No anthro please) and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame?
  6. Both if you PM me your Ideas. We can definitely work somthing out.
  7. I might be interested in the zombie one
  8. Send me A PM and we can discuss.
  9. Updated with a new addition. Kingdom Hearts type Rp.
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