Looking for Intermediate+ Skilled RP Partner.

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  1. Alright, here is what I have. I am looking for someone to RP with that can post at least once a day or once every other day. I am honestly up for anything. I would personally like a Soul Eater rp of new characters. Or a Fairy Tail new character RP. BUT! PM Me your ideas if you would like to partner up with me. I can RP both male and female characters.

    I can write as much as you need or as much as you want. I can write pages or a paragraph. It is up to you on how you wish for me to go. If you provide a long conversation or even something to ponder about I can stretch it perfectly to meet your expectations and my own expectations.

    Current Ideas:

    Fairy Tail: 1x1 (Possible Romance but its up to you)

    Soul Eater: Weapon and Meister Pairing. (Thinking of a Plot line and it will be called Witches Moon.)

    Mecha Based Rp: (I have my own Story in line for this. It will be called Kingdom Skies. I wrote a short story that I plan on continuing on this plot line and it is long. We can easily change it around and I just like the setting.)

    Star Wars-The Old Republic: (Following a Possible Revan's Daughter and her rising to becoming Empress. Based on a story I wrote.)

    X-Men Rp: (Following the Events of Days of Future Past. Basically revolving around life at the new school and learning to control our powers.)

    Each of these can be bent and molded to how ever we wish to have them. All have a form of romance in mind and how far it goes is up to you. Or if can have none of that at all if you wish. Let me know what you want out of me and I will do the same with you.

    PM! Pm me on anything you are interested in or if you any ideas and I will get back to you. I am open to most of anything. I just ask for you to be active. I will put in as much effort as you will and will match your posting skill. I am able to write profusely and very elegantly and in an almost poetic way if you so wish it.

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  2. I'm game for this but please note I'm sick with a cold so my thinking is a little hindered :) but I can do lengthy replies from time to time I wouldn't mind trying Soul Eater
  3. Alright, Thanks everyone. I think I have enough OnexOnes going on now. Ill post again if I seek for another person to do a onexone with.
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