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  1. I have an idea for a new rp, but I require someone who is able to be an aggressive roleplayer in terms of driving the plot. I require someone who is able to freely adapt the plot to their own will, in a way that allows them to bring new ideas or storylines into the fray without having to discuss with me beforehand.

    I realised earlier that one reason why many previous rps have failed is because of over-detailed character sheets - when you know the entire background of your partner's character, or know which direction your story is headed, it makes it increasingly difficult to bring fluidity and mystery to your characters. Meeting people in real life can bring unexpected changes to your life, and that's what I want to captivate in this rp. Two characters who know nothing about where it is headed.

    This also means that for our character sheets, I only need an appearance (preferably photographic, as opposed to anime), but beyond what is visual, we should know nothing about our characters. However, it would be cool if your devise your own background for your character, a character sheet that only you can see, because our characters still require knowledge about themselves.

    So the rough idea for the rp is a modern day setting, two young people at a mutual friend's party. Whether they hook up, start a feud, etc, its down to us, but ideally, our characters have never met or even heard of one another

    For the record, if it does turn into a romantic/libertine rp, I am comfortable with male x female and female x female rps, but would rather play the male in a male x female rp. Additionally, I am comfortable doing a male x male rp if it isn't romantic or sexual and merely platonic
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  2. Hey there. This is an interesting idea and I'd be happy to work it out with you if you'll have me.
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  3. Still eagerly hunting prey seeking willing roleplayers
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  4. This sounds really interesting :D
  5. This idea caught my interest, and if you are still looking for a partner, I would thoroughly enjoy participating. :D
  6. This sounds quite interesting, I'm up for it
  7. Are you still looking for partners?
  8. Yeahh always, send me a pm and we can discuss :)
  9. I would be willing to as well if wanted. ^^
  10. Sure, just send a pm :))
  11. Still searching :))
  12. Still looking :))
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  13. Sounds doable. =D
  14. Awesome, send me a PM :))
  15. If you're still looking I'm interested!
  16. Cool, shoot me a PM :)
  17. Still looking guys :)
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