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  1. [ALIGN]Abandi
    Theme song: The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun- By Celtic Woman
    High is the moon tonight
    Hiding its guiding light
    Heaven and earth do sleep
    Still in the dark so deep
    I will the darkness sweep
    I will the moon to flight
    I will the heavens bright
    I will the earth delight
    Open your eyes with me
    See paradise with me
    Awake and arise with me
    I am the dawn, I'm the new day begun
    I bring you the morning, I bring you the sun
    I hold back the night and I open the skies
    I give light to the world, I give sight to your eyes
    From the first of all time, until time is undone
    Forever and ever and ever and ever
    And I am the dawn and the sky and the sun
    I am one with the One, and I am the dawn
    I am the sky and the dawn and the sun
    I am the sky and the new day begun
    I am the sky and the dawn and the sun <!-- end of lyrics -->
    <!-- end of lyrics -->
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f9/Northern_Iraq_landscape.jpg <-- what the land looks like
    The Altair and Cohen families have ruled their own kingdoms for centuries. The Altair family, hold a gemstone that the Cohen family desires- to show their ultimate power in the form of magic. The Altair do not want to use the gem, so they figure out a way to hide it from them forever. The Cohen are enraged that the Altair family has hidden the gemstone and they initiated war.

    The lands lay at a stand still, not knowing when the attack might be coming, but if it was coming...it was going to mean war.
    Abandi is a strange girl scarred by the murder of her parents. She has mysterious powers and fighting skills that in a world of darkness and blood, allow her to survive. Her older brother lost an arm fighting in the war that his father and mother were killed in. Knowing they would soon die, they imbued both their children with two halves of a sacred gem. The dark half went to their daughter Abandi and the light went to their son. The war has long been over and the siblings have been traveling from town to town, the brother finding work to take care of his "ill" sister. They meet interesting characters along the way and find out the war was only just beginning.
    Abandi- Young girl about the age of 17. She has gray eyes and black hair very fair skinned. Born at the worst time possible, she is to take the throne of her parent’s kingdom. Her brother is her only living relative. She possesses mysterious powers that only seem to present themselves when she is in terrible danger. (Played by Esthalia) View attachment 11641
    Gemini - A woman in search for the man who kidnapped her lover years ago. She is about 27 with long brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. With a hot temper and a conniving mind, she is set on killing the man responsible for her heartache. Knowing that her lover was either killed or forced to join the enemy army, she kills only after seeing her opponents face. She believes if he is alive, he is looking for her as well. Background: After her lover was killed she was overtaken by depression, and in that depression she found hate and the need for revenge on the man who killed her lover. Skills and abilities: She spent time learning to fight with a pair of scimitars given to her by a close, older friend who knew the feeling of losing a loved one, and also knew Gemini was hot tempered and that given time she would look for the man responsible and want him dead. Strengths: She is quick and very deadly with her blades, she has only been in real combat a handful of times but has had barely a scratch from those battles.Virtues: Quiet, even meek looking, so she is generally underestimated in her abilities at the beginning of a fight. (played by Linarrina) View attachment 11643
    Ryogen- (feel free to change his name) Abandi's only brother and rightful heir to the throne. He understands his sisters special needs and has been taking care of her since they were children. He is a formidable warrior and huntsman. He lost an arm to the enemy when his parents were murdered. He has short black hair and a scar on his neck from training. Bright blue eyes and a need for revenge.
    View attachment 11642

    I only need these three main characters, but i need bad guys and i'm looking for some more characters.
    I'm wondering who would be interested in something like this and if i should change or add anything?
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