Looking for In Depth Characters.

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  1. I'm really craving a partner who can make in depth characters, as well as a good, strong storyline that will keep us both interested for a long while.

    About Me (open)

    I'm twenty, and disabled, so I'm home pretty much 24/7. I feel ill and tired a lot, so I may not get a reply in EVERY DAY, but I'll try to at least reply every other day. If I will not be on for longer, I'll be sure to let you know.
    (I get on Iwaku every day, to check in, but I don't always get to my replies.)

    I role play in third person only, and I never write less than two paragraphs. I am very big on grammar and punctuation, so I can seem a bit snooty. Sorry!

    I prefer to play the female role. Unless it's an absolute deal breaker, I prefer to not double.
    I like to do straight pairings, because I am more comfortable with them. Sorry!

    I am usually on a few times a day. If I don't reply within two days, PLEASE PM me and remind me! I do forget sometimes, without meaning to.

    All I ask is that you're kind enough to let me know if you lose interest, or if you're going to be busy.

    The role play can be set in a fandom universe, or the real world, I don't mind- as long as I know of the universe we decide on.

    However, before we get to signing up, I have a few requirements.

    -Please be able to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    -Please role play in third person.

    -Let me know if you want to quit, or if you're going to be busy.

    -I'd prefer to role play with people 18 or older, since I'm 20, it's awkward to role play with younger people.

    -Be able to reply at least every other day.

    Okay, so, now that's out of the way... I don't have any set plots at the moment, because I really want to plan it with my partner.
    However, I'm 100% sure that I want to play a female, and I want to have romance involved.
    I do not do well with action, but I'm good with fantasy and horror, as well as slice of life.

    I do not mind if this is male/female or female/female, although to be honest, I always prefer it to be male/female.

    I may ask to see a sample of your writing. If I turn you down, please don't be upset! I sometimes turn people down because I think our writing styles don't match up well- it has nothing to do with how good or bad your writing is.

    So! If this sounds like a good pairing for you, please comment or PM me!
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  2. I actually made a character that I've been dying to use for a while now. And due to your title, maybe you'd like to give him for a spin, maybe? And, don't worry, I'm 18 lol.
  3. Sure, I'll give him a go! Can you send his bio to me in a PM?
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