❤️ looking for IM rp partners! ❤️

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  1. *A quick disclaimer: I recently turned 18, so even though i'm still 17 at heart i'd much prefer to rp with someone over 18!

    ❤️Hey im witchdoll!!❤️

    im looking for someone to rp with other skype or (possibly) line! i prefer to rp over skype as i enjoy chatting w/ my partner about the rp, so its a must! Im looking for someone who can write at least a few paragraphs and have some knowledge of grammar, but im honestly not too fussed!

    Im looking for someone who is reasonably flexible in terms of gender. As in..i dont want to rp with someone who strictly just plays straight submissive females :\\\ I like to rp all types of people so it would be great if you'd do the same!! Last thing, i would prefer if you described your character rather than show a reference you've found (unless you've drawn the reference yourself) idk it just feels more real to me!! I hope these are ok!! BTW EXTRA POINTS IF U HAVE OCS PLS TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM

    Pairings (open)

    I prefer queer relationships but i can do straight if you give me smth interesting!

    *roles i prefer to play

    witch x possessed doll
    witch x demon
    witch x witch hunter
    deity x human
    deity x priest/priestess
    demon x summoner
    demon maid x summoner
    zombie x necromancer

    if you have any more suggestions then pls tell!!

  2. Yo! I'm up for this!
  3. sure!!! send me a pm!!
  4. Ooh, a witch/demon or demon/summoner sounds interesting!
  5. aaa sweet!! pm me if you're interested!!!
  6. I'll do diety x priestess if your still looking
  7. I'm up for this, have done many an IM roleplay in my day. :bsmile:
  8. aaa sure!! send me a pm!!
  9. aaa im glad! uvu send me a pm if you're interested!
  10. PM me and I'll get you my contact information~
  11. ahh sure! will do!!
  12. still searching !!
  13. All of these pair are some thing I would Love to be a part of! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.