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  1. Ok, so I have been wanting to do a rp set back in the days of cowboys and indians. I'm looking for someone to play as a dom, you could be an indian, a cowboy, I'm not very picky. My character is going to be a Two-Spirit indian. Looking for someone to play as a man.

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  2. Hi,this sounds really interesting! I'd love to do this RP with you,if I could get a little history behind it.
  3. Behind two-spirits? That's what the link is about.
  4. Yeah,I went back and read it a few moments ago. The idea got more interesting after I read the page. Are you still looking?
  5. Yay,I have absolutely no rps going on right now,so if you want to do this,I totally can!
  6. Yay! Ok, so what did you want your character to be?
  7. I think that I shall be a cowboy.
  8. Ok, so pm me and we can go over a plot for this.
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