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  1. I am trying to start a roleplay crossover with elements of mass effect and ben 10 this is not a superhero roleplay but one that combines the elements that made ben10 with the real like feeling mass effect brought!

    this project main rp location will be the Citadel colossal deep-space station serves as the capital of the Citadel Council.

    The Citadel is created by an advance race called The Naljians which are extremely advanced in technology and possess superior intelligence, they are a race who dominate the galaxy, They consider themselves the galaxy's first and only apex race.

    the Naljians reign of the galaxy lasts for thousands of years but it wasnt meant to last they encounter a race who's power rivals their own Celestialsapiens a war begins it rages for thousands of years eventually Chronosapiens and Chronians become involved as well this war is a time war which destroys a lot of the galaxy the mass relays network were created by the Naljians for travel the full details of the war are unknown.

    I trying to detail the origin of The Citadel Council and the contact wars with humans that rise to Cerberus a black ops unit of the Systems Alliance military creating hybrid warriors using Project Chimera Osmosian a human subspecies, revealed to be humans with a unique genetic component in their DNA that gives him/her own unique abilities.

    after peace is established Cerberus goes under ground

    now for The Citadel Council will only have five members as for the races I thought to use them in order of the council formation Celestialsapien, Galvan the other three are still unknown to me for now but the first two are a must well the Galvan can be substituted with another high intelligence race

    The Citadel Council the governing body of the Citadel. I need role players who can fill these roles the alien races Im using come from ben 10 the abilities or physical size they have will be toned down to make for a more realistic role play this includes machines and magic wielders as well and yes the Omnitrix as well as Nemetrix and variations of it such as the Biomnitrix,Unitrix,Ultimatrix. will be included but weakness will be limit the amount of transformations one can do in a short time

    I am also looking for those who will operate as criminal elements for the rp or neutral factions which can operate out of Omega

    this can turn into a big project I am not using characters from the ben 10 show but will use some of them as references such as kevin 11 mutations or diagon and Ah Puch the Mayan God of Death or forever knights

    these will be classified using terms from mass effect like how

    Cerberus a human-survivalist paramilitary group led by the enigmatic Illusive Man. Cerberus' core belief is that humans deserve a greater role in the galactic community, and that the Systems Alliance is too hamstrung by law and public opinion to stand up effectively to the other Citadel races. Cerberus supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are entirely justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Cerberus operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them.

    what I am saying is if u have good names for groups such as this or character who can fill role like the shadow broker

    I could use help in setting up the timeline I trying to detail the origin of The Citadel Council and the contact wars with humans that rise to Cerberus a black ops unit of the Systems Alliance military creating hybrid warriors using Project Chimera Osmosian a human subspecies, revealed to be humans with a unique genetic component in their DNA that gives him/her own unique abilities.

    after peace is established Cerberus goes under ground

    Magic is a supernatural ability to affect matter and energy itself by using a vast variety of spells, charms, incantations, hexes, jinxes, curses, enchantments, mana or rituals at their disposal. Certain Humans can be taught to use magic. Magic is delivered from a supernatural force-like substance called mana (which can also be referred to as other names such as life energy, chakra, chi or quintessence).

    Anodites, a race of "energy beings", are sentient beings who are entirely comprised of mana and likewise, are able to freely control and manipulate it to their every whim.
    Mana is an Anodite's source of power, energy and strength. While it is incredibly powerful, it is not invincible. Constructs made out of mana seem to have similar properties to either glass, light, or what appears to be metal.

    Anodites, are literally made of pure mana and have the immensely powerful capability to control and manipulate magic and mana in all of its existing forms. Anodites are much stronger, much more powerful than a normal master magician would be.Other creatures, such as the Geochelone Aerio, have a natural affinity for Mana. So powerful is this natural ability, that not only are immune to being harmed by Mana, that enough of the energy can empower them, altering their very being There are countless variety of magical mystical artifacts, charms and talismans that can help a sorcerer or sorceress fully control his or her magical powers. Such as small waist bag in which u can put anything u wants or mystical staff which only a master magician can use.
    Other stronger tools are the Charms of Bezel which exist of five charms: Probability, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Reincarnation, and Electrokinesis, not forgetting the Alpha Rune which holds the secret true name of magic.
    The Alpha Rune is the strongest magical tool that existed; its real form is a part of the Map of Infinity. Whoever wears it has power over magic itself,
    Fallum Quarca Daminigan Conjures up a powerful beam of light to blow off a door.
    Berdi Mordo Nata Fires an energy beam
    Appendage-A Regoria Retracts extended objects or appendages and prevents from extending again for a short time
    Reanima Verdanica Makes flowers grow on a target
    Reanima Dynamica Creates sparks on a target
    Twista Combititus Creates a giant cobra made of blue energy that shields the user
    Amorous Infecta Makes dogs fall in love with a target
    Fallum Quarca Daminigan Gives the user control over silverware
    Saphirius Expectorium Perpetua Creates a tornado to propel the user / Creates a tornado on the user's hand that the user can control
    Teewat Ligara Creates a silver tornado to attack the target
    Eterla Morbulous Disrupts matter, causing it to break or crumble
    Gargelia Vortium Releases a red gas that activates statues and submits them to the user's control
    Mercuta Verditis Creates a blue/pink energy beam
    Kemo Char Creates multiple blasts of yellow energy
    Autem Volton Activates eletronic devices which glow with a light blue energy
    Fortress Nebulae Shields the caster, with a blue or pink force field
    Badickinis Metalalurca Creates metal ropes to wrap around a target
    Skadiggeteth Metalarka Lifts a heavy object
    Gallius Disruptus Gives the user aerokinesis
    Tara Tremmo Eradico Breaks a structure and causes the rubble to fly at a target
    Camouphlat Vaporis Creates a thick fog
    Aquata Risa Spackwata Creates waterspouts under a target in water
    Histus Potiva Bends and breaks a pipe
    Interdamoto Laborator Creates an heat beam
    Transfera Identica Creates a bubble around the user and a target, it then pulls them together and once they collide, they will swap bodies
    Thanatis Icatis Exodus Creates a tornado that the user can control
    Stingu Invisibus Gives the user telekinesis
    Rava Eelartas Gallametroy Creates a lightning storm and a giant vortex
    Awakatelo Foligeto Gives the user chlorokinesis
    Declam Baccura Load the cannonballs into a cannon and makes the cannon fire
    Unsquiera Despariot Releases a circle made of energy from the caster's body
    Barban Hextida Zerzam Recreates The Charms of Bezel
    Latnica Sorensay Causes dead octopi to attack a target
    Darkara Dorokey Aghosto Creates a map showing where the Lost Keystone of Bezel is
    Meton Weights Gives the user telekinesis
    Kalecky Erupt Creates rock spikes
    Bretov Alagoria Causes something to go flying at a target
    Meena Goh Creates a fire beam
    Ocktoon Gives life to a target
    Ocktoon Eradiko Gives life to an image
    Reverto Meus Ops Mihi Assists the user in regaining their powers if drained from them
    Tur-bo Creates a mana tornado in different ways.
    Ortis Levitates a spell book in front of the user
    Ortis Expositis Turns a book to a certain page
    Quis quandum era maflictus, iem feachus mas redentegero, quis venit pro mas mesquam essei Places a blue triangle above the caster head, giving the caster the power to travel through time
    Tempestus Gives the user hydrokinesis
    Super Theca Puts out fire
    Vitalis Eruptum Gives the user chlorokinesis
    Teleportation Spell Teleports the user and targets somewhere
    Eradiko (Version 1) Traps a target in a large sphere of mana
    Somnus Makes the target fall asleep
    Acerbus Turns off lights
    Reptilicus Turns something into a snake
    Meus Manus Manus Pulls an object to the user
    Eradico (Version 2) Makes the target explode
    Atherfo Levitates flower heads and causes them to spin fast enough to cut stone
    Valieris Mihi Occoltus Valieris Meus Amicitia Occoltus Creates an mana dome around the user and targets, making them invisible
    Perturbo Creates a bridge of white energy
    Amplusmica Transforms stone spikes into a pile of flowers
    Hitreya Summons the Door to Anywhere
    Thrasius Makes a crystalline mana shield around the user
    Facio Gravis Increases gravity in a certain area
    Fabecio Kai/Defecho Fhar Melts something
    Tardis Motis Causes objects to significantly slow down

    Rest Ituo Nowitus Wespinaetro Intus Vigoratus Perwita Gives a large amount of mana to a target
    Incendia Absum Gives the user aerokinesis
    Silicus Milez Sasitatio Summons rock creatures
    Pontum Cartigo Gives life to arcade games
    Tempestus Erectum Gives the user aerokinesis
    Tempestus Impaetus Summons a lightning bolt to attack a target
    Adfishio Potentia Creates multiple mana blasts
    Scribo Iniacendia Causes a pen to write on its own and glow pink
    Ostendo Specialis Reveals secrets
    Contego Creates a mana shield
    Statuea Freezes targets
    Imperium Im Mentum Lets someone's personality take over
    Treest A fast mana blast that can follow a target
    Meven Aweg Creates a mana dome around a target and transports them somewhere
    Nekwaheew Used by Gwen to open the Door for Anywhere.
    Gir Igi-Nu Used by Ignaceous to send the Scrutins away.
    Liberatio Used by Gwen to free Adwaita.
    Necte Artes Magicas Used to create handcuffs of mana to prevent Adwaita from using their powers.
    Abrogo Necterendum Used to make the handcuffs disappear.
    Animo Cataractam Used to give life to a lake.others
    Ab-Ri Du-An Pad Libir Digir Kun Gukin Used to summon Old One.
    Exige Animas Omnibus Used to send the souls for Old One.
    Via Esporow Via Esprolixas Capti Capters Few Sonmow Lenton Oway On Respicklas Lokis Lusses Via Astendus Ocultes Ienwuar Used to summon the Door To Anywhere.
    Contego (v2) , who draws a triangle in the air and hurls to prevent absorbtion of mana and returning the mana to Ledgerdomain.
    Vita Used to summon rock monsters.
    Presidium Used to make a giant forcefield.
    Eo Recedentia Used to teleport .
    Mechanae Discombobulus Used to disarm .
    Portallus Projectum Used to create a mana tornado to teleport multiple people.
    Discombobulus Negatum Used by Gwen to teleport out of the Omnitrix.
    Magnus Vox Used to blast a giant beam of mana.
    Combibo Potentia Used to free from jail .
    Camera Oblitera Deactivates the targeted security camera.
    Trahamt Turba Kumpane Sensir Sersam Summons fireworks.
    Nagnisol Amikae Enhances magical dust so it can destroy any armor.
    Estotei Quasai Integumentum Amitari Proximum Teleports target to a different dimension.
    Tulam Minefestis Occolta Magic decoding spell
    Corona Creates a "plate" of mana on top of the target
    Illuminatus Creates a flying mana orb which generates light
    Botigs Zaborito Carpis Nebegear Gais Liphan Intruders Blasts a beam of mana which exorcises the target(s), banishing the ghosts which took over their body
    Transformashio Dedyeste Creates a magic circle that transforms anything that passes through it into flower petals
    Exieis Teleports the target(s) to a certain place
    Hatrium Securitatum Creates a magical barrier around a building
    Vaktusa Magnus Supritrato Transforms the user into a dragon

    If anyone has any interest this can turn into something good if we work together!
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