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  1. Fandoms need not apply.

    Just message or post here or whatever if you've a roleplay that has substance to it, something really meaty that isn't about vampires or fucking schools.

    Please kill me irl if someone posts another fandom rp.
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  2. Hey there, if you're looking for a long term role-play to invest your time in, I suggest you check out my plotting idea below:
    Wuinderre Expanse
  3. I never read percy jackson nor saw it..

    Just because its about greek mythology, doesnt mean its percy...

    but it doesnt matter, its been full and active for a while now. No place.
  4. This fucking guy.

    He gets it.

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  5. What about this?
  6. In a league game. but reading that later. I skimmed and it seems really neat. sorta silent hill meets something else.

    but thats on first glance. expect a read in the next hour. :>
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