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  1. I've got two ideas for the people of Iwaku today. One of them is actually a group rp ^o^


    [RAINBOW]720 Hours on the Moon[/RAINBOW]

    If you've ever read the novel 172 Hours on the Moon, you know what this is about, basically, except without the whole, people dying thing. 2+ people from around the world, aged between 14 and 18, and they are chosen from NASA to be the first teenagers sent up to the moon, on a moon base known as DARLAH 2. They are to remain there for 720 hours, about thirty days, without any sort of contact with Earth. They are to collect data, etc, but when they aren't working, well, that's for the roleplayer's to decide :3 (I think you can guess...) However, NASA explicitly told them not to do any funny business, so they are technically breaking the law. That's the complication...


    [RAINBOW]The Reenactment[/RAINBOW]

    The sound of cannon fire rang our into the stormy night, a testament to the dark deed the two armies were about to do.

    In the east, towards the forest, Confederate soldiers lay hidden, lying in wait for the Union. The rain and dark of the night kept them unseen, while the Union army marched to the beat of a drummer, defiantly waving about ol' red, white, and blue.

    As the stripes came into view, the Confederate general shouted, "Attack!" raised her sword, and charged forward, her soldiers dashing behind her.

    The Union, caught off guard, hesitated, and that was their downfall. Without mercy, the Confederate soldiers shot nearly every Union soldier.

    After five minutes, under heavy fire, the Union general shouted, "Retreat!" The blue-clad soldiers fell back, and after the Confederates were sure that they weren't coming back, they too moved back into the forest.


    I was thinking that this could be maybe a reincarnation roleplay, where one, the female Confederate general and the male Union general both being reborn. The girl moves to a new town, the one in the south where the boy lives. Upon seeing her, his reincarnated instincts kick in, and he tries to kill her. The two can hardly be in the same room together without getting into a fight, and you know the south, all about family trees and whatnot.

  2. These both sound good, I'd be interested! ^^
  3. Great~! If I can't find anyone else for the 720 hours idea, than it could be a onexone or mature, whichever you want, and then the reenactment can be started after we sort out everything. This too can be onexone or mature. I also would like to mention that for both ideas I would prefer to be female, though I can be a male, if I like the character enough.
  4. Sounds good! I'm more used to playing females, but I'm willing to give playing a male a shot. Also, (if no one else is interested in the 720 hours idea) they would both have to be onexone, because I can't access the mature forums yet.
  5. Okay, so for the reenactment, I am hoping you could be the male Union general reincarnated into a teenager, like 16-ish, who lives in this small town in North Carolina. My character, the Confederate general reincarnated, moves to the town, and starts going to the school there. etc. etc. etc. Everything is pretty much up in the main post.

    If you don't have any other questions, you can post a character sheet if you want, and I will after school today ^^
  6. Sorry for the late reply, got kinda tied up with school and stuff. That sounds good to me, I'll try and get my character sheet done in the next couple of days. ^^
  7. Okay, I eagerly await your sheet~! Sorry I forgot to post my own, but I will soon